Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge - I'm in!

Have you seen Marie's Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge on her blog (A Stitching Odyssey)?
She is pledging to sew 5 garments from her collection of vintage patterns this year.  That is such a great idea. 
I have a bit of a thing about vintage patterns - I love the illustrations, it doesn't mean I'm going to make them though.
Some make me laugh ...
This cost me 50p in a charity shop - it makes me smile every time I look at it.
I mean who doesn't need a heart shaped pocket on their tennis skirt?
Do you think the lady in yellow knows her golf club is upside down?
Some I have because of the historical details ...
My Girl bought me this for Christmas - it's glorious but I am never going to make my own
leather gloves, it's just not happening.

Some because of the designer ...
I am delighted when I find a Barbara Hulanicki designed sewing pattern but
this dress would not suit me.
Some were gifts ...
I'm not ever going to make this - but Auntie S told all her ladies at ballroom dancing that I sew
and they gave me patterns, loads of patterns, of things they had made for themselves in the past.
I can't part with those, a gift from one sewer to another means something special.
I sorted through my vintage sewing patterns this week - that caused much hilarity here as P objected to me including a 1990s pattern in this category - makes him feel old apparently!  However, as the accepted definition seems to be 'over 20 years old' in that pattern goes.

Dated 1990
I have 66 in total - and have so far made a grand total of 3 of them!  That's a measly 4.5%. 
P looked at them and said 'You don't have enough fabric.' - I love that man! 
These are the ones I've made to date:

And I've made this one 4 times - 3 for me, one for My Girl, here
is one example.
And I've made this twice - one example is here
As it was 50p in a charity shop I've had my money's worth!

I've made this twice, once for me, once for my friend T.
This was pre-blog, I don't think I have any photos.

So, it would appear, if I actually pull my finger out and make up a vintage pattern, it's a success and I make it multiple times.  This seems like a winning combination - I should make some more!

During 2014 I will sew up at least four of my vintage sewing patterns.
Anything else is a bonus
I'm going to make a new page and add all the photos of my vintage patterns - I think I need to have a bit of a sort out first and decide what I'm going to make.


  1. Oh what fun.. I love vintage patterns.. I have alot of them too.. Some are funny, some are just great reminders of yesteryear.. and some I love the styles of vintage.. Can't wait to see what you make..

    1. I think I need to come up with a shortlist - if I eliminate the bizarre and impractical I'll have a more manageable number :)

  2. I've only got a few vintage patterns, and I have never used any of them fully. I almost completed one jacket, but it didn't look good on me so I abandoned it. I really should use at least one or two!

    1. Well if I manage to hit my target I'll only have used 10% of my vintage patterns. I need to weed out the 'am never going to make them' patterns first I think :)

  3. I am kinda scared to actually count my vintage patterns (or patterns in general). They have somewhat accumulated on the bottom of my pattern box and I really need to have a clear out of that. I have probably only ever sewed with maybe 5% of my overall patterns (0% vintage btw), so I really need to change that. Good luck with your pledge :-)

    1. But Mila you have totally smashed your FO pile - mine is still a mountain! I think I'm going to count up my other patterns this weekend - might as well know what I'm dealing with :)

  4. Fantastic, so glad you're joining in! Make sure you pop back to my blog to let me know what you've made so I can include you in any roundups etc ;o)


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