Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Final Cut - So Brutal

Goodness me this is tough, I'm being proper hard core.
These are my semi-finalists - I am having to be really, really strict. 

I love Marie's Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge - it's really made me focus.

More rejects ...

Not a priority but I love it, I want to be wafting
around in a girlie nightie, not lolling about in my pjs!

I definitely need this car coat in my life but I don't
have anything even vaguely suitable in my stash -
it's reversible so I need to buy very specifically

I'm ruling it out because of the neckline but I need this
scalloped hemline in my wardrobe

Love it but do I need a sleeveless jacket? 
Not terribly practical - I've got another pattern that
will work better for me

I suspect this might not be flattering on me - I'm not exactly willowy!
But I love the sleeveless/with collar version so much and
I would stand exactly like the illustration - all the time!

Very similar silhouette to the vintage pattern I've made 4 times before
so I'm ruling it out but at some point I need to make this long sleeved version with the
fur collar
I am definitely not 'junior' - one that's perhaps a bit young for me
Perhaps my daughter would like them

Perhaps I'm pushing it with a 'junior & teen' pattern when I'm
rapidly approaching 50 although I do love the
red version with the obi style belt

I have another sundress I want to make more than this one
so it's on the back-burner

I want to save this until I'm more experienced with vintage patterns because
it's a beauty

This stunning Valentino pattern deserves to be made on it's own,
the focus, the star - not part of a bigger plan
I think I'm actually in love with this pattern :)

So I'm down to the final 21 - I can manage with that number


  1. I like the one with the obi style belt, it doesn't look too junior to me.

    Also, I still have your other Valentino pattern I realised the other day.

    1. Honestly I've really struggled- there is clearly a reason I have so many vintage patterns, I love all of them for different reasons! I really love the obi-belt dress, will have to come back to it. As for Valentino that's because I've been rubbish and not implemented The Plan! x

  2. Some pretty patterns.. OH what choices you have to make.ha
    I love the last pattern [Valentino]..

  3. I know - this is clearly why I haven't made many to date, overwhelmed with wonderfulness! The Valentino is a beauty isn't it? x


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