Thursday, 6 February 2014

Not an easy decision

Well I thought I'd just photograph and organise all my vintage patterns and then it would be easy to pick what I'm going to make to take part in Marie's Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge.
I've got them all photographed and saved on a special page on the blog, all 66 of them, I don't have a problem at all and it's such a lovely even number.
I need to record dates and sizes I think, get a bit more organised, that'll help enormously.
I've eliminated the measly 3 I've made already - that would be outright cheating, especially as I've made them multiple times.
So that leaves me with 63.  That's it, time to get ruthless and pick out the ones I'm definitely not going to be making any time soon.  The reasons for them being on the 'not making' list vary a bit:

They're just not 'me'

I don't think I'm a 'skirt and waistcoat' kind of woman - but this look might come back, you never know.
So I'd better hold on to them just in case!
I love, love, love this but the neckline isn't good for me -
my bosom will end up looking like a shelf - sounds ridiculous, trust me
it's a real issue!
I'd have to alter it a bit to make it work for me and have other
patterns that would work better I think so this is on hold
It love this and it's Maudella - but a bit frilly for me, that bosom again!

This is what I'm going to wear when I'm important!

I love the jacket, gorgeous shape but it's the kind of work wear I don't
need for my job.  I'm waiting for an occasion when I need that skirt suit, so elegant

Actually, I was never going to make this!

Delightful - this brings me joy!
Frankly I am too old for this pattern!  But I love it so, and it reminds me of the clothes
my mother used to make and wear
I didn't grow up knowing my mother so I'm attracted to these kinds of images I think

Reminds me of the first 'grown up' outfit I was bought when I was 11 :)

It's Biba - enough said!
Unless I get invited to a fancy dress and want to go as a 60s actress I can't see
I'm ever going to have cause to make this sadly
I'm not sure about this neckline but it reminds me of a dress
I had when I was a teenager ... red polka dot in case you were wondering :)

Reminds me of my Geography teacher at Grammar School -
I did not enjoy secondary school, she probably doesn't know it, or even remember me, but
she helped make it bearable.  And she was brilliant at macramé!

I'm waiting to be invited to a 'Do'!

I love this so much but need to go somewhere posh - isn't it gorgeous?
I'm waiting for an occasion that justifies that much cleavage -
no idea where that would be!

I will make these when I am clever


I do not have these skills - one day :)

 So that's 16 off the list - I'm down to 47. 
I think I'm going to do the next 'sift' by ruling out any that need a lot of grading -
that's a job for another day.



  1. What a lot of vintage patterns - they are always so interesting to look at, even if they never get made up :)

  2. I couldn't help myself and looked through your collection. I quite like Butterick 3636 and Style 2523, not sure that helps you though. Good luck :-)

    1. I like both of those - I'd make View A of the Butterick I think (sleeveless) I even have 2 pieces of fabric that immediately spring to mind when I look at it. Perhaps that should be my decision making criteria - having the fabric in my stash :)

  3. Oh so many lovely patterns! I can imagine choosing what to work on must be difficult! I love the style 4507 suit and that biba dress is so cute! Looking forward to seeing what you choose.

    1. The Biba dress is lovely but not on me sadly, I should probably give it away but I love the artwork :)

  4. i recently counted 44 in my vintage box. I think i love the artwork more than the patterns. the novello jacket is very cool

    1. The novello patten was given to me by a friend - she's a very talented sewer and always dressed beautifully ( and very often handmade) for work and special cccasions. I'd love to have 10% of her ability :)

  5. Such pretty patterns. Can't wait to see what you will choose.Happy sewing.

  6. That Simplicity one that you're waiting for a posh do to make is gorgeous! I only have about 6 vintage patterns, and I haven't made any of them. I had a look in our local charity shop the other day (the only one that has patterns and sewing things) and they only had a huge selection of scary 80's power suit patterns - looked like someone had dumped their whole stash there.

    1. Isn't it? I need an excuse to make it. It's exactly the same here, not many charity shops have them (I fear many get binned) and there are a lot of unattractive ones - but I still buy them if they have notes in from the previous sewer because I love those connections. Hence the 66 patterns with only 3 made!

  7. I love the Maudella ruffle dress! It looks like a vintage dress I borrowed once but didn't know how to make a pattern from (early sewing days,back then). The News of the World dress looks like something all of the ladies on television shows would have worn and would be great in some fun fabric. I recently catalogued my vintage patterns on pinterest - it's amazing how they add up so quickly!

    1. It is indeed - I'm pretty sure they multiply! :D

  8. My mum might have made some of these for me when I was a mere girl...what a trip down memory lane - thanks! I agree, just hold on to them, they might come back into fashion and you might be able to re-style some of them. Just the thought of photographing my patterns is making me feel light headed....


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