Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Crafty Happenings - Week 5

Look at that - a blue sky and no rain - we've had a couple of days like that this week, it makes me feel so much better :)
Well, given these Crafty updates are all I'm posting at the moment I'm ridiculously late with last week's but I have an excuse - it was P's birthday, My Boy was home from Uni with his Girlfriend for a visit and My Girl moved out into a flat for the first time.  Frankly, it's been manic and, despite having a few days off I am totally knackered!
I didn't manage much of a crafty nature but everything counts right?

Finished Object:

No not this, this is donkey's years old
 My Girl and her Flatmate need a draught excluder for their front door - yes, I appreciate this is a doorstop but I had found the pattern I'd previously used for this so I just made it longer ...

Done - and using a curtain remnant I bought only a few weeks ago and the remains of a bag of toy stuffing I've had knocking about for years - I'm calling this £2.00 - bargain!


Some fat eighths - they always come in useful - I might have a bit of a thing about polka dots ...

Both of these fabrics were 50% off in the sale  - I have a plan.
Oh, more dots, fancy that.

And these ... with dots, again.

I had the print at the front already - my brother gave me an early Christmas voucher for Britex
when we were in San Francisco at the end of last year.
It was always destined to be napkins for our dining table - I just needed the right backing fabric -
who knew it would have polka dots?

And this is the table runner I started last April -
I realised the 'perfect' backing fabric wasn't out there and I actually want to
get it finished and use it so I bought the solid and I'm looking forward to getting it done.
Oh no dots, shame :)

I know I haven't finished my quilt but this layer cake was
seriously discounted in the sale and I have a pattern I want to make already planned and in my
'to do' queue.
I absolutely will not start it until my other quilt is finished :)


No I don't need any more wool but it was ridiculously cheap and
it matches the sofa in our Board Room, in fact you can hardly see it,
I'm inadvertently camouflaging the stuff I bring into the house!
I picked this up in the charity shop - I love the patterns and you
trace them onto grided sewing paper. 
I have very strong memories of my mother making patterns this way when I was very small
 - from scratch mind you, she's very talented.
Even the illustrations on this book blend in with the sofa!



  1. I can't wait to see your table runner in all it's glory, it looks lovely from that photo. The wool is lovely too... one of my favourite colours.

    1. Paul can't wait to see the table runner finished either - apparently it's taken quite a long time for a 'quick' project!


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