Monday, 29 July 2013

The Lisette Continental - like you've never seen it before!

I did say I was going to make another version of this dress, not for me this time (a red and green version are probably sufficient!) but for my DD's friend. 

S is a lovely young woman and is going to be a mother of twins in the next few months.  She has been suffering very badly with morning sickness and needed cheering up.



S loves pink, this packaging is very similar to the colour of her hair
So how do you make the perfect maternity dress for a girl who loves anything pink and sparkly?  Well, my daughter bought fabric with one of her favourite themes and I made this ...

Doris is doing a pretty good job as a stand in -
it didn't occur to me but I should have added a cushion to
show how the dress will accommodate a growing bump!

A close up of the print - S loves Hello Kitty!

Apparently S loves the dress - when she's feeling more herself I'll get a photo of her wearing it and we'll see how closely the fabric matches her hair.

I made the biggest size included in my pattern, to accommodate the twins, but took it up at the shoulders and under the arms because it was too big in those areas.  The belt helps with shape at the moment and can be left off as time goes along.

I must be feeling very selfless at the moment because I've also managed these this weekend ...

For my 2 year old niece A - who has had her eye
on the rabbit fabric since I brought it back from Japan


And for my 2 year old niece C - with bias binding to match her shoes!

I managed to get both dresses out of a metre of fabric
and made the bias binding out of some leftovers

And another dress for the Dress A Girl Around The World parcel -
I had enough to make a bigger size

I've had this fabric in my stash for ages - cannot remember where it came from.
I love the colours but they wouldn't suit me - this is a much better use of the piece

I think that's it for July - I'm not going to get anything else made this week.

I'm going to put the Lisette pattern away for a bit and find something else to make in August - I'm off to Goldhawk Road tomorrow with my brother Qui Gon Jinn (he has the best beard - it totally makes sense in my family).  We need to find fabric for the vintage dressing gown he's asked me to make.  I am so excited, I've never been there before, the stuff of sewing blogger legend!



  1. Love your dresses. SO pretty and Hope the mommy to twins , feels better soon.. Lovely dress.
    ENjoy your fabric shopping spree. sounds fun.

  2. How lovely of you to makethis dress for your friend - I had a feeling she needed cheering up, this dress should do the trick.

    The little girls should be thrilled too.

    do have fun on your shopping trip - you have well and truly earnt it - so stash up happily :)

  3. These are all so adorable! What beautiful gifts, Jacq!

  4. Such beautiful and selfless sewing! Have a wonderful - and successful - fabric shop :)

  5. There's no stopping you since you got your new machine, is there?

    Love the little girls dresses. The Lisette one is a bit too pink for me, but I'm pleased the recipient loves it! Can't wait to see if it matches her hair!


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