Friday, 26 July 2013

I am not a Patternaholic

P and I had a day out on Wednesday, we went to Ardingly Antiques & Collectibles Fair. I took my actual non-working day this week - wonderful.
I refrained from buying this pattern of marvellousness, I clearly do not have a problem if I can resist this!
In addition to the family enthusiasm for Star Wars, P is a huge super hero fan - I mean massive, we have pictures and toys (I beg your pardon, 'collectibles') all over the place.
Thank goodness it only went up to age 11/12 - he was definitely tempted!


  1. Oh I don't think I could have resisted this one although I would have had to upsize it about forty years for Mr K! Jane x

    1. I overheard P telling his brother all about the pattern yesterday - I am dealing with 2 disappointed 40+ year olds now!

  2. Replies
    1. It is - but I daren't get into costume making with my family - I wouldn't have time for anything else!


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