Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Starting, finishing, sharing & meeting up

Hello there!

I've come to the conclusion that my creativity dries up when I feel a bit stressed. Being released to start my new job is taking longer than I'd hoped and I can't seem to settle to anything, I'm as much use as a chocolate teapot! I've avoided blogging because I've been such a grump!

I'm trying to be a bit productive, even if I'm having to push myself, I know ultimately it will make me feel better.

I started this new skirt on Sunday ...

I wasn't sure about the size so I made a muslin and was happy enough with it to cut it out of some fabric I bought in Japan. I think it will go together pretty quickly but I'm going to do that at the weekend in natural light, I do struggle to sew in artificial light. The shape is pretty flattering, I'm using the back view in the photo.

I think crochet is my 'comfort craft'. I've been finishing off this Ripple blanket ...

it's for a little boy who has a seaside themed bedroom. I'm about 70% done now, this is perfect to work on in front of the TV on a dark evening.

And a colleague left a gift on my desk ...


Does this seem familiar?

This was really kind of her but I don't need two! They're both the same size (6-14). I've not made it myself yet but have read good reviews. I don't know any other dressmakers locally and it seems a shame for it to go to waste. So, I'm passing the kindness on, let me know if you'd like the spare (to use, not to pop on eBay!) and I'll post it. If there's more than one request I'll pick a name out of a hat :)

I am very excited about the meet up that Sam has proposed over at alittleofwhatyoufancy - an exhibition, a real life meeting with a fellow blogger, tea and cake - perfect!



  1. Sorry to hear your creativity has been suffering - I'm exactly the same when I'm stressed. Plain, simple knitting is what I turn too, but your crochet looks fab.

    How nice of your colleague to leave you a gift, but strange that she left two the same! It looks a really cute pattern, if you don't have any other takers, I'd love a copy. Although that seems really greedy based on the fact that I just recieved a lovely parcel of Japanese goodies from you this week.

    And so excited about our real life meet up! Lovely clothes and tea and cake! And sewing gossip! What fun.

  2. I find that when I'm stressed or grumpy I don't like to blog either. It's probably that limbo of knowing you are going to be starting something new, but not being able to get your teeth into it. Lovely patterns though. Hopefully it wont be too long now.

  3. I love that blanket - I really need to give crocheting a go again!

  4. The pattern is on it's way to mumasu :)


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