Friday, 2 November 2012

Ups and Downs

I have a start date for my new job, I finish in my current role on the 23rd definitely an 'up', new laptop bag to celebrate! :)

However things have been really busy/fraught with family stuff and my crafting mojo went AWOL again, look at my poor 'nearly finished skirt ... :(

If anybody has any suggestions about how you get your parents to understand you're a grown up with a life and family of your own (ie you can't drop everything and host a gathering of family and strangers at 24 hours notice mid week and give them all a bed for the night) I'd be glad to hear them! And I've tried the direct approach of "I have a life and family ...etc"! Deep breaths! Finally settled on 'No' - it's not gone down well :(

So I thought about dropping out of a sewalong altogether but then bingo! Creative synapses fired up and I'm back in the game! It might be a car crash but I'm rolling! Totally outside my comfort zone, no co-ordinating and pre-planning (OCD - what OCD?). Total stashbuster, I'm even using up leftover thread and bobbins, they're not even matching - woo hoo! Look at me flying by the seat of my pants! :D

I have found a use for them, totally worth saving :)

And finally, totally gratuitous photo of Elmo, I think she's feeling the cold ...

I'll be back with my finished project, be it a success or a failure!



  1. Aw, Elmo is gorgeous. I had a kitty years ago that used to sleep in my bed just like that.

    I can't help you on the 'making parents understand you have a life' thing. My mum is terrible - I work from home and she'll often say, "Oh if you're at home I'll just pop over". Yes, I might be at home, but I am actually WORKING. Well, most of the time anyway! ;-)

    1. You made me laugh, P works from home most of the time and his Mum rings almost daily and starts every conversation with "I know you're busy but ..."!

      I love my parents dearly but honestly! I've always been really accommodating in the past but it's no good, we need to strike a balance. I'm sure they'll get used to it - I mean even 48 hours notice would be a start!


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