Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Celebrate 'Jacq Got A New Job Day'!

I got it! I have a new job, it's a promotion and I am reducing to a 4 day working week in the process. I may actually have the elusive work/life balance within my sights! A dedicated crafting day per week maybe? Not only that, it's a fresh challenge and I'll be working for someone for whom I have the greatest respect, a woman of integrity. She even has the same birthday as me and I'll be proud to work for her. I am chuffed to bits - can you tell?

I thought I'd stuffed up the task entirely as it took 10 minutes and I'd been alloted 45. 35 minutes is a very long time to re-read questions and worry that you've totally missed the point. Thank goodness I stuck with my gut instinct. I even managed not to be sick - that felt like a real possibility at one stage!

Thank you for your kind wishes, it meant a lot.

Right, am off to be entirely spoilt by my husband - it's a very good day.




  1. Congratulations Jacq! How fabulous to get a promotion and at the same time reduce your working week to 4 days.

    I hope your hubby is well and truely spoiling you this evening.

  2. You deserved to be spoiled!! Many many congratulations - I am so excited for you!


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