Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Giving, receiving & letting go

Firstly, PixieSam and Meg the Grand could you please both email me your postal addresses as I have some little parcels to send to you both. My email address is jacq.coldwell@yahoo.co.uk. Thank you :)

Secondly, look what I got in the post this weekend, a lovely surprise when I got home from Wales, taking my boy back to Uni and visiting my Mum on her birthday:

Thank you Sam, Elmo was very impressed, she appears from nowhere if ever you unwrap something! I am currently working on my winter sewing plan trying to match fabric with patterns, I'm really looking forward to incorporating these bits and pieces. Watch this space, I'm trying very hard to be realistic about what I can achieve.

Thirdly, I've undertaken scientific research over consecutive years and can categorically conclude it does not get easier to take my boy to Uni and come away without him. He's a grown man and entirely capable - I apparently am not! If you passed a weepy woman on the M4/M25 on Sunday it was me, and it wasn't just the traffic that reduced me to tears :)

There's no 'fourthly', bet you're relieved!


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