Sunday, 9 September 2012

No Sewing Week

There will be no sewing this week, in a moment of illumination I realised I'd stress myself out entirely if I tried to finish off 'just one or two' things before we go on holiday. We were away in May for two weeks and I had sufficient clothes so I know I have plenty for a week! Despite my best efforts realistically work is going to be manic this week, trying to hand jobs over to other team members. 'Be kind to yourself' I said, and it feels great because I did this ...

Yes I know it looks like a dining table, that is apparently it's function, but ordinarily you can't see it for sewing machine, cutting equipment etc. We actually sat here and had dinner - oh, the novelty!

And this ...

In the spirit of complete honesty, my craft room does not usually look this organised!

We're in Japan for a week, then I have the following week at home, so this means I can come home with a new stash and crack on with some sewing in a lovely clear space - brilliant!

In my absence I'm leaving Little Doris in charge ...

Now, off to search for my last post which has disappeared into the ether, perhaps I tidied up too thoroughly!


  1. Ha ha! He sounds exactly like my husband!

  2. Your sewing space looks lovely, and perfect for working with all of the goodies you will bring home :)


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