Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fabulous Auntie S & a little bit of shopping

I had a lovely day on Thursday as I had the day off work and took P's Auntie S to the Prima Homemade Craft Show at Bluewater. It's not far from where I live, and Auntie S is en route so it was a good venue for us.

Auntie S is special to me, she's always treated me with kindness and we have a crafting bond but when I wasn't feeling at my best earlier this year she was an absolute brick. She's taught me lots of new skills and I've tried crafts I would not have contemplated before, a lovely no-nonsense lady.

Here's Auntie S in her latest homemade skirt, finding out about The Knitted Garden

We enjoyed the Craft Show, it's on today and tomorrow too I think. We've been to other shows in the past that have been very paper craft focussed (not a problem as we both make cards) but there was a bit more variety here. There are some beautiful film costumes by the entrance on the upper floor, beautiful beading work. The Phantom of the Opera costume was my absolute favourite because of the hat.

My friend J gets married next May, I'm making the stationery so I know her colour is purple - too much do you think

Auntie S and I loved the knitted garden, there were lots of contributors and it had obviously taken a great deal of work. Auntie S has arthritis in her hands now and, having been a prolific knitter all her life, can only take on little projects now but she still appreciates the quality of work by others - in fact we saw a beautiful knitted bag on the WI stall, very delicate work. Her next project is to improve my knitting (dire!).

I was a very restrained shopper, knowing we fly to Japan next Saturday (still 'skipping level' excited!) and I have great fabric buying plans then. I bought a few card making bits but these are my sewing related purchases:

This is my favourite, although I'm going to have to invest in different underwear.
Planning to make view B for work although I think the photo is awful! My only concern, having checked it out on Pattern Review, is about bust fitting. I'll definitely have to make a muslin.

I'm planning to make the top first to hopefully sort out fitting issues.

I think both of these will be perfect work skirts

I got all 4 of these for £4.50 as they were discontinued patterns, I actually had about 20 patterns in my hand but Auntie S made me helped me sift ruthlessly.

The broiderie anglaise was £3 pm, I have enough for 2 tops (1 for me, 1 for my daughter A) - definitely room for more Bow Sorbettos in my life and I really liked the daisy style flowers.
This superfine lawn was £8 pm, I have enough for a blouse, I have a grey pencil skirt this will look great with.
And the irony, Japanese superfine cotton lawn, I have a dress length for £9, and am dithering between 2 patterns. I have shoes in the taupe colour already. I have an interview on the horizon, if I can do a good enough job I think this would make the perfect interview dress.
Right, off to think about packing - did I mention Japan?! :)


  1. What a lovely day! It looks like you had fun and picked up some wonderful bits and pieces. I'm tempted to go tomorrow myself, I'd love to see those costumes (and maybe spend some money!)

  2. Have a lovely time if you go. I didn't buy any yarn but Auntie S did and my friend got sufficient for 2 large blankets yesterday - there are some good deals to be had, she thinks she saved about 40% on her yarn. :)

  3. Ooo!! I love the green lawn cotton, it's beautiful! :)

  4. I think so too. I'm aware that I'm attracted to patterned fabric and that solids are probably more useful so I'm making a conscious effort to plan outfits, if it will go with at least 2 things I have then I can justify it!

  5. Lovely fabrics, and what versatile patterns! Love the knitted garden photos, and the peacock costume is stunning!


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