Wednesday, 29 May 2013

2013 Style The Stash Sew A Long - Fabric, fabric & some more fabric

I am very excited to be taking part in Style The Stash Sewalong - this is the brain child of Sarah Liz, you will find her blog here.  She has some brilliant posts on colour and body shape which are really informative.

Various sizes between 0.5 and 2m - 27 pieces

Anything from 2m to 5m - 20 pieces

Style The Stash is her latest idea.  She has set up a separate blog for all of us that are participating.  I'm really looking forward to it, everything starts on the 1st of June.  This starting date is great for me, there were other stashbusters that started as New Year's resolutions but I wasn't able to commit to them earlier in the year.

Basically, these are the guidelines:
  • the sewalong runs from 1st June to 31st Dec, covering 2 seasons and some holidays
  • each month the participants make up a garment from their stash
  • it's free choice of what to make but Sarah Liz has given some ideas
  • we can make more than one item (given my track record this is unlikely!)
  • if you don't get finished you can just carry your item over
  • the focus is to sew something and use up some stash
Because Sarah Liz has set up the blog separately we can all post to it.  I think this is going to be a great help for me and I started by getting my clothing* stash out and having a proper look at it, sadly I'd lost track of what I have.

It's pretty clear, with my recent paltry turnover, that I have enough fabric to keep me busy for about 20 years - 47 useable, clothes-sized pieces.  I don't need to buy any more, my fabric and pattern buying ban are still needed, having too much stuff is overwhelming ... yep, I've already fallen off the wagon ... but, in my defence, I don't like odd numbers so I picked up 3 bargains today and have a nice, round 50 pieces - woo, hoo!

This remnant is going to be a bag - using this brilliant tutorial which I've tweaked before

And another remnant for a bag - obviously

This is an odd shape, I think I have about 1.4 metres, uncut and then
there's another 1.4 metres that have some tiny pieces cut out of them,
mostly at one edge.
I haven't figured out what this is for yet but it's beautiful.
I got all 3 of the above for £10 - I believe you'd have bought them too!


* Quilting supplies, Christmas fabrics, home décor weights, scraps (significant or otherwise), muslins etc don't count, OK?  Good :)  Oh, and I cannot bring myself to catalogue my patterns yet - I know I have 'issues' - I've bought 2 more today!  I'll save that confession for another day :)

Monday, 27 May 2013

14th to 20th - MMM '13

I'm still hanging in there, can't believe we're nearly at the finishing post.  This is my update for Week 3 - I did not do well!:

15/05/13 - My first repeat, Collette Sorbetto.  I took the evening off from wedding
stationery and went to see Singing In The Rain with my daughter - too tired to remember
to take a photo.  The show was brilliant.

Proof that I actually used the bag - see the sun in the footwell of the car, anybody would think it was May!

Altered version of brilliant reversible bag pattern found here:"
Having made this several times, my ‘perfect’ version is now bigger, with a zipped inner pocket,
basic pockets for sunnies & phone and a buttoned strap to close it.
This particular version is made out of a curtain sample that I bought for £1 –
the shop were selling off the samples they had on display. 
I find curtain fabric is the perfect weight for this bag and the samples are
lined so you can use everything (you’ll even see the eyelets they use for hanging the displays
 are incorporated into my pockets!).  I permanently have my eyes open when they’re selling off these
samples – I am ‘cheap’!


Third incarnation of my 60s dress pattern - actually wearing something I've previously blogged about here

As you can see, I failed to wear my 4 me-mades this week.  Thank goodness I managed 5 the week before, I'm still kind of on target for the month (I know, that's probably cheating).  It's a shame wedding stationery doesn't count as 'me-mades' as I'd be in the 100s!
To be honest, I knew I had a lot on and it would be tough this month (hence the small pledge of 4 items) but I really wanted to take part ... and I'm so glad I have.  Even the painful photo taking has been worth it - I nearly opted to put everything on Doris but it's been a good thing for me to look at stuff when I'm actually wearing it (bizarrely especially at the end of the day when I'm tired and dishevelled because if something looks good at that point it's a winner in my book!).
I have learnt so much - I'm keeping a list for the end of the month.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wedding Stationery - Done & Dusted!

Well, after all the angst and burning of midnight oil (obviously the final push was at exactly the same time as work was manically busy!) I got all the wedding stationery done ...

Invitations & envelopes, Order of Service, Table names, Gift tags for children's place settings,
Confetti pouches, Favour pouches and Place cards

Me and my work pals with the beautiful Bride -
despite the terrible weather lately the sun even shone for our girlie

And this photo made me remember that the hard work (and lack of sleep) were totally worth it!
There was a little bit of love that went into every scrap of paper and card.
I wish the new Mr & Mrs T every happiness.

Me & my Mr

Apparently our other halves looked better in the
fascinators than we did!
And I am definitely, absolutely, never doing it again ......


Thursday, 23 May 2013

7th to 13th of May - MMM '13

Well thank goodness I didn't commit to posting on a daily basis - I've failed to manage weekly!  I am still trying to fit me-made items into my wardrobe, I pledged 4 a week and I'm pretty much on track.  It's really made me think about the items I have made to date.  Firstly, here is my catch up of the second week:

MMM ’13 – 07/05/13 – Free Tilly & The Buttons Picnic Blanket Skirt –
Modern fabric, 115 cm wide, approx 2 m used, £8.
Old buttons found in charity shop - would have liked one more!

MMM ’13 – 09/05/13 – Modified vintage pattern, 'The People No 919' circa 1960s.
 Vintage fabric, 36" wide, approx 2 yards, bought for £8

MMM ’13 – 09/05/13 – This is my favourite dress, orange is my colour

MMM ’13 – 10/05/13 – Friday theme - taken in my craft room.
Simple A-line skirt, View 2 of Simplicity 9561 circa 1970, charity shop find for 50p.
Red fabric from Ikea, £5.38 for 1.8 m. Self-drafted pockets.
Colette Sorbetto, me-made bias binding and bow, 0.75m of Broderie Anglaise, £3.75.
MMM '13 - 11/05/13 - Another Colette Sorbetto! I can't even remember how much I paid for this fabric remnant.
Very fine fabric so all French seamed and double layered for 'Mena' sleeves.
My OH made me have my photo taken on this sofa as I blend in
 - he thinks I'm a bit obsessed with this colour!


So, the good news is I managed 5 items instead of 4, more than my target (which is just as well as Week 3 has been a bit 'iffy'!)

And what had I learnt at this point? ... I stick to patterns I feel comfortable with.  I haven't worn any repeat items at this point but Sorbettos are really well represented and I definitely got my money's worth out of my 60s dress pattern.  I'm starting to see how I need to change and get brave to move my sewing forward.

I'll be back with Week 3 - frankly there are only so many awkward photos of myself I can look at in one hit - not a natural model!


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rambling Catch Up

Hello there! Things have been really busy at work for the last few weeks so my crafting time has been sadly limited. Good busy, in fact marvellous busy but sadly also restructuring busy just when some great pieces of work are coming together - I am 'cream crackered'! Still, not a total wash out because ...

Firstly, I finally completed this doll sized quilt - I know it's small but finished - so I'm giving myself a tick!

Totally made up of leftovers and scraps and went to my friend's little girl who loves it :)

Secondly, I've reached Sewlution Phase 3
It's here, my pattern has arrived from Craftsy to accompany the Sew The Perfect Fit course.

Seen here with the sheet I found in a charity shop for £2 - perfect for my muslin
I need to go back to check on iPlayer but I think this is the pattern Ann used on GBSB?
So that's it then, no excuses, I've an FBA waiting to be conquered! As soon as I get the next 100 items off my list!
Thirdly, I'm on the final stretch of "Operation Wedding Stationery" - the big day is 18th of May so, come what may, I'll be done and dusted by then!  I'm nearly there, the end is in sight, I might actually have time to sew stuff. 
Fourthly, didn't you just love GBSB? I thought they were all marvellous and I did think Ann deserved to win, frankly how could anybody compete with 75 years of experience. I'm glad there's going to be a new 8 episode series and expect the format will be tweaked and improved.  I have my fingers crossed that certain blogland sewers will put themselves forward because it was such fun seeing Tilly and recognising her - I sound like a stalker, oh boy!
And Lastly, bet you're glad we got to this bit, I am joining in MMM '13 and loving it - I have even exceeded my pledge this week ... frankly I am clueless what I'm going to be wearing next week mind you, I am dangerously close to running out of stuff.  Still, I am encouraged by Zoe and have a couple of refashion items to tackle.  Talking of encouragement, the other participants are so supportive, I'm so glad I didn't bottle it and drop out.
Right, back to the Wedding stuff, those favour pouches are not going to make themselves!

Monday, 6 May 2013

1st to 6th of May - MMM '13

Hello!  I'm here - swamped with stuff and a bit manic - but here none the less.  And I've managed 4 Me Mades in the first 6 days of MMM '13 so I'm on target - woo hoo!
I even managed to figure out how to upload stuff on Flickr - occasionally I just have a 'special' moment - I have no idea why I was struggling with it, I'm perfectly IT literate but lost the plot. I'm blaming it on tiredness.  Anyway, enough waffling, here goes:
MMM '13 - 02/05/13 -Modified vintage pattern, 'The People No 919' circa 1960s.
Modern fabric, 1.25 metres, approx £10
I don't know why I look so serious - I was very tired, my daughter and I went to see Beyonce the night before - she was brilliant but I obviously can't cope with a late night!
I've made this pattern 4 times now - 3 for me, once for my daughter.  It didn't cost me very much, part of a bundle from a vintage fair, about 50p.  I've taken it in at the sides, it's interlined with a charity shop sheet (it was the muslin, it fitted, so made sense) and this turquoise version as epaulettes with red buttons - no idea why, I just liked them.  You can't see them in the photo, you'll have to take my word for it!

MMM ’13 – 03/05/13 – Free Colette Sorbetto pattern –
Vintage fabric, 36” wide, approx 1 yard,  £6

This is one of the first Sorbettos I made, part of Tilly's OWOP week last March, just as I started sewing, long before I thought about blogging.  I love this fabric, I had so little of it I couldn't lengthen the pattern as I normally would - good job I'm short-waisted! And I couldn't make matching bias binding either so had to go for a contrast. It's bright for me, outside my normal comfort zone but I love this top, I think the fabric and I are about the same age!

MMM ’13 – 05/05/13 – Free Colette Sorbetto patter, ‘Mena sleeves’,pleated neckline & facings –
Liberty lawn remnant, approx 1 m,£9.74  
Another Sorbetto I made last year.  I fell in love with this fabric but was worried that it was expensive (about £18 a metre) and I didn't really have a clue what I was doing.  As soon as I saw it in the sale I bought it and decided to get brave.  The quality is lovely, I now have some more I picked up secondhand - I'm just deciding what to do with it.  I don't know if you can tell but I pleated some fabric around the neckline (which has a facing) - I didn't want to use bias binding again.  And the sleeves are the ones Mena drafted on The Sew Weekly.  This top is longer and is so versatile, the colours mean I can pair it with lots of things, tucked in and hanging out.  It is my favourite thing I have made.
Finally, today - and it's a bit of a cop out.  I've been gardening and rushing about in my 'scruffs' so my Me Made today is PJs.  I know, I know, but I did make them as part of Karen's Pyjama Party about a year ago.
I used this pattern - have had it donkey's years as it was used for a top my daughter made in Design
Technology - honestly, must be 12 years ago!  I'm nothing if not frugal!
And this is a photo Paul took last year for Karen's round-up. 
I don't even have the energy for photos tonight!  And no, there is no sensible reason for me standing on the bed
 - I was trying to get an action shot of me jumping, I cannot remember why that seemed like a good idea!
As you can see, I made the shorts.  Cost - £0.00 as I used leftovers from a skirt.  Bargain!

So that's it, my quick round-up.  I am so enjoying seeing everything everyone is wearing.  Now I need to plan next week ...