Useful Links

Crochet Jammie Dodgers: - Done, really good pattern
- This is an excellent tutorial.  I've made the craft bag (with tweaks) lots of times and it's so useful, a great gift.
- I've made the tote bag many times, the tutorial is so clear.  Another great beginner project.

- I made this stuffed Penguin for Luke for Christmas, it's a great pattern, I love that you can use up scraps of quilting fabrics and really personalise it.

- these modern cross-stitch designs really appeal to me.  So far I've made The Princess Bride and Pride & Prejudice.  Currently working on Batman & Friends.

Handmade Jane's baby blanket:

Miss P's Draft your own simple top:

Quilt toppers - Various: - Ongoing

Handmade Jelly Rolls:

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