Saturday, 28 July 2012

Birds & Oysters

Yesterday I went to Whitstable with my husband, the last day of the Oyster Festival seemed like a good way to spend my day off work. We've seen such a turn around in the weather this week, it was lovely to be on the beach and enjoying the sun. I love Whitstable, one of my favourite places to mooch about and drive P insane by picking stuff out that I love but refuse to buy because I could make it myself. He thinks there is a big difference between being able to make stuff and having the time to make stuff! In fact I picked up some fabric to see if I can replicate a dress I saw - we'll see.

I got to wear my fourth 'me made' item today, a Burdastyle 'Michelle' skirt that I made from Ikea 'Cecilia' fabric. I've seen a few garments on the internet using this fabric which I love. It was a bargainous £5.38 and I managed to make a pair of pj shorts out of the leftovers (as part of Karen's Pyjama Party earlier this year) so I think my skirt worked out at less than £4. I did line it, which the pattern didn't call for (using an old sheet so £0!), and feel it is the better for it, although I'd do it slightly differently in future. I still don't have the fit 100% right at the waist (despite being my second attempt) I apparently cannot measure my own body! Regardless, I have worn it loads of times and have received compliments on it :)

I also used one of the bags I made, from a curtain store remnant. So practically an entire outfit, and 4 out of 5 is pretty good for the week.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Four for 4

It's a four day week for me with a lovely long weekend to look forward to. It struck me on Wednesday that I'd worn something I'd made myself for three consecutive days so I was determined to do the same on Thursday and make it four for 4.

This feels like a real achievement having only started making myself clothes in February. I took part on Tilly's OWOP week in March with the only multiple pattern I had made at that time - the free Colette Sorbetto . It was a really positive experience and spurred me on.

This week, without any real thought, I've worn 3 different patterns - my 60s A line 'Elephant' skirt, my 70s remnant Sorbetto, and my turquoise 60s dress.

Sadly, due to my plans for the day my 4th outfit wasn't suitable for work. But I think 3 out of 4 is pretty good.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hello, Hi, Good afternoon ...

Well, this is a 'take a deep breath' moment ... My first ever blog post. My son just helped me get started and I've been dithering about blogging for ages but when he asked me what I'd call my blog I didn't hesitate. "Mum, that's your first post, get on with it" so I guess that's a good place to start. Why 'A good talking to ...'? Because I talk a lot, seriously, I'm in the 'hind leg off a donkey' category. And because I love to craft (card making, crochet, very poor knitting and very recently dressmaking) but I have wobbly, lack of confidence moments about all of those things and regularly have to have a firm chat with myself. And most particularly because in the last year I've been following some amazing blogs and I'd really like to join in the conversation. So hello there, nice to meet you. Jacq X