Friday, 31 August 2012

Selfish? Me? Now, wait a minute ...

I'm going to be entirely open and transparent - this post is all about winning something for me! On the other hand bringing this to the attention of others lessens my chances :(

However, fledgling blog, few followers ... I've weighed it up, I'll run the risk :D

There is a fab giveaway over at Sew Christine, the only entry requirement being a mention on a blog, Facebook or Twitter. Done.

If you visit Christine's blog you'll see some amazing bags, her tutorials are very clear and she's featured in many UK magazines. She also has Jessie, the sewing wonder dog as a regular contributor to the blog. I'm not sure I'm up to anything but the most basic bag making yet but as luck would have it she even has a shop.

I happen to know Christine is a very talented lady, with many crafty skills, because I used to be lucky enough to work for her. A scarily brilliant lady, so smart, such an eye for colour and creative with a wicked sense of humour. And fab shoes, that were regularly discarded under the desk because comfort wasn't generally one of the criteria when buying!

But don't enter the giveaway, you hear me?


  1. Hi Jacq, thanks for the big up. I didn't know you had a blog but now I do I'll follow you to see what your up to. Keep up the sewing because sewers rock!, cxx

  2. Hi Christine, early days with the blog, not sure my creativity is sufficient to be of interest but I'm finding it helps keep me motivated if I track my progress. I do struggle to restrict the number of projects I'm working on and then overwhelm myself! X


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