Friday, 24 August 2012

Plans, false starts & new beginnings

Well, on the plus side I did get on with some crafting this weekend. Not as much as I would have liked but for good reasons. We had a celebration on Friday for my brother S who has achieved so much in the last year it was deserving of a get together (and a proper mascara-running grizzle on my part, I am such a weeper!). Than we had a family barbeque on Saturday to celebrate a cousin's wedding anniversary. We even had great weather for both events, a welcome bonus.

I made lots of plans - crochetwise I needed a re-think. I'm long overdue finishing a cot blanket. It's a lovely Ripple, using Lucy's brilliant pattern over at Attic 24. I've made it before, fairly recently, and I think that's the problem. I should have had a break but it was the perfect pattern for a baby boy's seaside themed bedroom so I ignored my instincts and started, sadly it's the finishing that's the issue so:

Plan 1 - take the Ripple to work and do a stripe every lunchtime (this should also get me back on track and make me take a work break)

I also have several spa washcloths made, perfect to go with toiletries for gifts, I don't have nearly enough. These are so quick and there are even different patterns and I've still inexcusably lost momentum so:

Plan 2 - take washcloths on flight in September, the perfect little travel project

As mentioned before I really want to crochet along with Little Woollie's blanket, I have the yarn, I have a long standing order from my daughter, but felt guilty about starting another WIP so:

Plan 3 - just start, I know I want to, and look on it as an opportunity to find my crochet mojo! And it's a stash buster - yay!

I had a false start with sewing. Having had another go at wrestling Doris into shape (ably assisted by my OH) she's now pretty much spot on. I dressed her in a button-back blouse muslin, using a 60s pattern I bought recently. It's a good pattern, it fits, I'm just not sure it's 'me'. I need to think about it, it might be a grower.

So I started a new skirt using a TNT 60s pattern I found for 50p. I used this pattern for my elephant skirt which I've worn repeatedly. I thought this would be a quick win but my machine had tension issues (I also had tension issues having taken the zip out 4 times because the stitches were iffy!). I unpicked it again, re-threaded, changed the needle etc - and then left the machine in the corner, to think about it's disappointing behaviour, I'm hoping this will rectify everything!

I'm counting that lot as progress :)

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  1. I think you are making fabulous progress :) Your blanket is going to be so lovely, and I love your new outfit on Doris!


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