Sunday, 26 January 2014

Crafty Happenings - Week 4

Well this is a short list but that's irrelevant because it includes
Finished Objects - da, da, dah!


OK, I'm starting with the thing that isn't finished, in fact it isn't started because I have frogged it again :(
Oh I've nailed the pattern but for some reason it's enormous, it was over 5' long - it's supposed to be about 4' square when finished (approx. 120 cm) which is pretty generous for a baby shawl I think.
No idea what's going on - I have the correct yarn and the required hook size (2.5mm).  Funnily enough my tension is usually fairly tight and I tend to go up half a size - it would have been absolutely massive if I'd done that.
So, with maths that has made my brain hurt, I've figured out the pattern repeat/sizing again and I'm going to reduce my starting chain to 225 stitches, not 305.
At least when I start for the third time it will be shorter!
Finished Objects - woo hoo!:


1.  A drawstring bag for A's dressing up clothes - she is mighty pleased with it - we spent all day yesterday carrying fairy treasure in it and fighting off dragons with our magic wands. 
You absolutely need a bag for that kind of adventure (I was the Yellow Fairy in case you were wondering, it's something of a supporting role, it mainly requires doing as you're told and being entirely adaptable to an ever-changing storyline!).
So here's my Finished Object overview
Does my version look like the pattern?
I didn't really use one - it's just a basic drawstring bag with a boxed bottom.  There are a million tutorials out there if anybody needs one.

What skills did I need?
None at all, very basic.  But I was very good and used my overlocker to make sure the seams were good and strong and dragon-proof.

Was the fabric recommendation correct?
I bought a metre of this fabric (last weekend - how's that for superfast turn around of stash?). 
I used just over half of it as this is a good-sized bag (to fit in wands and fairy wings).  I'll make another one for Annie with the remainder as she needs somewhere to store her tiaras apparently :)

How long did it take to make? 
About 20 minutes start to finish.

Did I learn anything from the process?
Yes, if you know your audience then the simplest of projects gives great pleasure :)

Total cost?
The fabric was £12.00.  I had to buy co-ordinating ribbon.  No pattern obviously, stash thread - about £7.00.

Will I make it again?

Of course, she's got to store her jewels somewhere!




2, 3 & 4 Cushions for the Sitting Room
Finished Object overview
Does my version look like the pattern?
It's just a very basic lapped zip cushion - I didn't want anything fussy and I had very little fabric to play with.

What skills did I need?
Again, none really.  I make it super easy for myself and use a zip longer than the piece of fabric so no fuss at all, I just incorporate it into the side seams and cut the excess off.

Oh, I did have to get creative, one back isn't really lapped - Ernie the kitten ran off with the piece of fabric and I couldn't find it - I had to use the tiny bit I had left.  Of course, the original cut piece turned up after I'd finished!

Was the fabric recommendation correct?
I bought a metre of this fabric (2 weeks ago - another fast turn around of stash, I'm so proud of myself!). 
I managed to get 3 plain cushions out of that width, and by cutting the fronts and 2 back pieces out in a different order each cushion front is different.  Result.

How long did it take to make? 
Probably an hour and a half - and at least 20 minutes of that was searching for the fabric Ernie had hidden!

Did I learn anything from the process?
I'm a total skinflint and love making something for almost nothing!

Total cost?
The fabric was £5:00, bought here. I had loads of zips in my stash - I tend to bulk buy in charity shops, they don't match one another but they go with the colours in the fabric (mostly) and you can't see them because they're lapped!  I reused the cushion inserts so I think about £5.30 for all three :)

Will I make it again?

As and when they're needed.  My DD is moving into her first flat on Tuesday - she's bound to need cushions!
Over and out!


  1. I'm very pleased to hear that the fairy treasure bag went down so well. Of course a tiara bag is required to match it!

    Love the cushions, they look fab.

  2. I love the cushion fabric. It's gorgeous! What a great find.

    And glad to hear the bag is a success! Dragon proof seams are so important! :)

    1. I do love how serious she is about this stuff - I remember my kids playing so imaginatively at a similar age - wonderful :)


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