Sunday, 5 January 2014

Crafty Happenings - Week 1


A nice new notebook from my pink friend S (she really doesn't
acknowledge many other colours!) - I do love new stationery

Hello there! 
I've been reading lots of Year End/Year Beginning posts over the last few days - catching up with my favourite blogs.
I love looking at the round-up posts and reading the thought processes that make something a hit or a miss for that person, it's so individual.
I thought about doing something similar but, if I'm entirely honest with myself, it doesn't really work for me - you've only got to look at how out of date my yearly Achievements pages are to see that!  I am going to update my Achievements page for last year (when I get half an hour spare), otherwise I'll forget entirely. 
Plus, I'm an outstanding Starter but I don't finish a project before I start the next one.  I know, I'm probably doing it wrong.  It just doesn't work for me - I'm sure I'd be a million times more productive but I have to be in the right frame of mind.  Crafting is a pleasure for me, it feels more like a chore if I make myself finish a crochet project when I'm in a sewing frame of mind.  And I'm never going to be the world's most productive clothes maker because I'm actually comfortable with a pretty small wardrobe of pieces that work together for me.
So, I'm going to come at this from a different angle this year.  This is the first of my weekly posts of craft-related progress in my life.  It might be something I've bought or made the plans for or, hold onto your hats, actually got on and made!  But for me this year is about the steps forward, not the finished items.  I have a feeling this will be more motivating for me - it's certainly worth a go.
I kind of tied myself in a knot about taking decent photos but it isn't going to happen, if I'm going to do this regularly I'll have to take them when I have time - given the current weather in the UK expect them to be poor quality and taken when it's dark and raining!

Here goes then:

Curtain samples - bought in the sale for a bargainous £1 each,
I just see scraps as a challenge!
The biggest pieces of each one are sufficient for a bag -
I've been making lots of tote bags lately and have orders for more.
This weight of fabric is perfect.

A great needlepoint book from the Oxfam shop for £1.49

8 reels of white and cream thread for my overlocker -
I must be using it more than I thought as I've entirely run out

I have a great many craft books so, even if they are a bargain,
I don't buy them now unless there's a pattern/project that
I love - I really want to make this bird cushion, it's beautiful.


Progress on the Batman & Friends cross-stitch I'm making for P -
originally this was going to be a Christmas gift but trying to sew in
secret was not working at all
You can find the pattern here


My new A1 size cutting mat arrived this week - goodness it's brilliant,
I can't believe what a difference it makes having had only a tiny little
one before, it was really for card making and just wasn't suitable.
 I'm whizzing through my cutting out now.

My first Jelly Roll quilt (fabric bought for me by my brothers last April!)
All the squares are sewn together and I've figured out the sizes for corner and
setting squares.
I can't make any more process now until I pick out my border fabrics
That's all folks!


  1. Love those curtain samples. I'll have to look out for something similar, they'd be perfect for my stitched pictures.

    1. Of course they would - that's a brilliant idea. I always keep an eye open for them although some stores want £5 for them and there's not that much fabric so I tend to hold out for a bargain. The smaller bits aren't so much use to me, I'll sort some out for you :)

  2. Hi Jacq - I think there is much to be said for your approach. A lot of sewing bloggers seem determined to make the process about the product, but really, it is about the process, if you see what I mean. I think a weekly post will be a good idea - your photos are nice :)

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, I think it's a better approach for me, I really love the 'doing' :)


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