Sunday, 23 June 2013

Inspired to Refashion

I'm inspired ... by pretty much every post by Zoe; by Portia and her Refashioners; and many other bloggers out there. 

Up until this point I've made some purchases in charity shops - I've bought sheets that I've used as muslins, I made 2 bags out of a damaged floral tablecloth and I've found lots of zips, buttons and patterns that I've hoarded put in a safe place and am sure to use in the future.  However, I've never had a go at refashioning a garment.

Zoe told me to just go for it, that if I bought something from a charity shop and it didn't work out then the charity had benefitted and I might learn something along the way.  With such encouragement I decided to go for it.

This is what I bought ...

It was too big at this point as Doris is demonstrating very effectively but I could see it had potential,
it's not clear in the photo but the shaping around the neck and armholes was very flattering.

I was attracted to the print straight away, it's pretty clear I love orange.

I thought originally I'd just try and take it in - Doris modelled and I pinned, considered, contemplated the size of the print, considered where to put darts - and then just took the scissors to it!  This is so unlike me, I'm living on the edge!  Usually I have a plan and measure, measure and then measure to check.

£3.50 had gone to a good cause - if I managed to make a wearable garment then that was the icing on the cake.

Well not this time, I just guessed, went by eye and made stuff up as I went along. 

I loved the self covered buttons and loops - found a way to make them work - winging it all the way.

Despite my desperate sewing machine problems I managed to finish this and wore it to work last week.  It was touch and go - it took 45 minutes to get the lace on the bottom - would have been a 5 minute job but my machine wasn't having any of it.  I handstitched to get it finished.

I got loads of compliments at work - I'm so excited I told everyone it was a top in a previous life, I've had some very funny looks!

Drumroll please ... I know this isn't the best photo, I seem to have about 12 of me with my eyes shut/funny lighting etc - I really must try to do better.  Trust me, it looks quite nice on in real life!

I used plain black fabric from my stashed scraps to make the waistband and incorporated the original
covered buttons and button loops.  The zip was in a bundle I got for 10p each from a charity shop
about a year ago.  I had to buy the black lace but I like the way it finishes the skirt.

I will definitely, absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, be doing this again.  :)

This is all I had left to put in the bin :)
I know I've got a long way to go to reach Zoe/Portia standards but I'm really pleased with this first effort.



  1. Lovely! I never would have guessed this was your first refashion.

  2. Looks great Jacq! I really need to have a go at refashioning too.

  3. Great re-fashion! It's so satisfying isn't it?! I really like your addition of the lace, you're right it just finishes the skirt off perfectly.

  4. Its a lovely little skirt - what a pain having to perservere with no machine - amazing what determination will do :)

    I'm glad your first refashion turned out well.

  5. Thanks for all your encouraging comments. I'm working in Tunbridge Wells tomorrow - lots of good charity shops apparently. I am definitely taking a lunch break! :)

  6. Love those buttons and loops! This is a great refashion skirt - I can see why you had a heap of positive comments when wearing it...

  7. Oh my goodness what a MAJOR success!!!! MASSIVE congrats Jacq!!! I'm sooo pleased you enjoyed your first venture into refashioning, and came away with such a wonderful and wearable outcome. That black lace is such a lovely, pretty touch. Thanks heaps for the props, very sweet of you. Zoe xxx

  8. Hello Jacq, me again! Just to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster blog award. Don't feel obligated to reply or pass it on if you don't want to, I just wanted to pass on some love to some of my favourite, new-to-me, sewing blogs!


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