Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Great Christmas List Debate

I made what I thought was an innocuous comment at work and seem to have stumbled across a contentious issue!

My family all write Christmas Lists - apparently this is sometimes frowned upon.

The children don't, mine didn't when they were small, but there are so many of us we've all found it a really helpful thing to do as adults. Nobody expects to get everything on their list, there's still much whispering and secret planning because somebody has thought of the 'perfect thing' that's not on the list. But from a practical point of view, especially when many people are really cutting back on expenses, it's lovely to spend my hard earned cash on a gift I know my brother would love to receive.

My sister-in-law and I held the annual family Christmas draw on Saturday - instead of buying for all adults we each buy for one other - it's a fundamental part of our traditions, Christmas has begun!

This is absolutely on my Christmas list this year - does that make me 'greedy'? (source)

Does anybody else write a list?




  1. I think Christmas lists are a wonderful idea. I'd much rather spend my hard earned money on a present I know someone is going to love.

    We normally set a price limit of £20 per person, but even then you can end up with some fairly random gifts. I might suggest everyone does a list this year - will make it much easier for me!

  2. Well I'm glad I'm in good company Sam. I had an email from one of my brothers today saying his list is DK yarn as his stash is "running dangerously low". I taught him to crochet last Christmas (very long story) and he's totally hooked (pun absolutely intended!), crocheting a better world, one ball of yarn at at time!

  3. I make a list every year - certain relatives don't pay enough attention to me to be able to shop on their own. And of course there are new books that I want so very much (like Gertie's) that they don't know anything about. And I keep notes on everyone else - who's shown an interest in what and so on.

    1. I love your 'don't pay enough attention' comment Bobbi. I think my lot don't always realise I'm serious about the things I would like, it's a long standing joke between my daughter and I, she thinks double sided tape does not constitute a gift, I however love the stuff and am thrilled to receive it!


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