Friday, 10 August 2012

It's 'Doris' Day!

I am so excited - Doris arrived today! She's the last purchase from my 'Sewing Fund' birthday money. It's taken since April for me to decide how to spend it all. As a beginner there are a few things on my list, it feels a bit overwhelming. I know from other crafting it's worth waiting sometimes to see what you really need.
Karen at Did You Make That? very kindly replied to my request for advice. Her blog is so brilliant, I've been following it for a while. Even though the quality of her sewing is amazing she still manages to be inspirational rather than intimidating!

Getting Doris to be a reasonable proximity to my shape has taken a bit of wrestling but I think I'm pretty much there. Of course she's squarish, I'm kind of thinner from the side view and wider from the front/back! So I've had some help with the maths, stuffed a bra with toy stuffing and put her in a muslin for a Colette Hazel that fits me really badly - it's not looking good on her either - result! I am desperate to make this dress and have the perfect vintage fabric. At least now I've got a pretty good idea of what where to make the changes. Thank you Doris!


  1. What brand is Doris? I'd like to get a better dress form, but can't decide which brand to buy that works well. but won't be too expensive.

    Best wishes with using Doris to make a better fitting Hazel dress!

    1. Hi, Doris is an Adjustoform Supafit. I've been researching for ages and found pretty consistent feedback for this make. She was a very reasonable price from - about £30 less than the average price, with free p&p and 3 pairs of scissors.

      I'm really hopeful she will help with my fitting issues, I can figure out when something doesn't fit but have struggled to work out what to do about it, I think it's pretty clear the back of my Hazel is too big - fingers crossed I can fix it!
      Jacq :)

  2. Hi, I've just hopped over from Did You Make That? to visit you for the first time. I'm a new blogger too and have also recently bought a dress form. I can totally sympathise with your difficulties in getting Doris to match your shape - my Rosie also has to wear a bra padded with toy filling to get her anywhere near my shape! She's definitely helping me to fit things better though.

    1. Hi, I'm glad to hear that, I'm hopeful but yet to test whether I have the skills to fix things! :)


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