Saturday, 11 August 2012

I am a winner!

Doris modelling winner's medal & Sorbetto No 4 (£2.80 remnant from John Lewis)
I thought I'd peaked yesterday, with Doris' arrival, but apparently not! I cannot believe I won the buttons in the Did you make that? giveaway. I never win prizes, ever. And these aren't any buttons, they are part of Karen's amazing Simplicity 4934, a vintage suit pattern that has been to San Francisco and back whilst she's worked on it.

I was very excited about the transatlantic nature of the project. My brother (family Star Wars name Yoda - he thinks this is because he is wise, actually he's the shortest!) lives in SF, it's one of my favourite places.

Now, I might be a little over optimistic but I'm banking on gaining extra sewing skills just because the buttons were destined for greatness and are in close proximity, by some kind of crafty osmosis I'm envisaging a leap in my skill set!


  1. I love that fabric. What a bargain it was!

  2. I have worn it repeatedly, black can be a bit harsh for me (very pasty!) but the pattern lifts it. Some of the circles are grey and I've worn it with a black skirt, a grey skirt, black jeans - I'd have had my money's worth if it had been 10 times the price! I'm glad I added the sleeves (Mena's pattern from Sew Weekly) because I can't wear sleeveless tops very much at work. I also have 2.5 metres in the red colourway but am not sure it actually suits me (orange is great, red can be iffy) - I think I got carried away because it was half price!


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