Sunday, 9 March 2014

Crafty Happenings - Weeks 8-10


We're not talking about my inability to post a weekly post, well, weekly.  Suffice to say I've been rushing around like a blue  a little busy and functioning entirely outside my comfort zone - anybody else fancy speaking to a conference of 400+ people about the wonderful work they do for an organisation that will no longer exist ... at 4 days notice?  I was torn between honoured and scared witless - but I did it, and without falling up the stairs to the stage which was the stuff of my nightmares!

Right, stop wittering woman, this is what I've actually been up to ...

 Don't you just love this kitchen fabric?  This was a bag for My Girlie's flatmate - a little birthday gift.  She has a red Kitchenaid so this was perfect

I made it at Sewing Club, we meet about once a month - I entirely failed to take photos this time which is sad because we had a super time and I actually made a card for Emmie, the first one I've made in months, I should have evidence!

 I found these in a charity shop - I love old notions.  They were going to charge me 10p for both - I couldn't take them for that so we settled on a £1 - apparently they're not used to people haggling upwards :)
And I got this brilliant pile of things from Freecycle, the lady had inherited a box of stuff and didn't want to throw it away.
There's was lots of stuff I couldn't use but my little 3 year old niece took them home for her craft box so we both had a happy pile of useful things.

Isn't this beauty? £20 from eBay.  I'm having fun finding things for my daughter's bedroom as she's taken all her furniture to her new flat.  I can't have a double bedroom standing empty - thought I'd get creative.  This is going to be white with a yellow interior eventually.
I've been very busy sanding, priming and painting, all still works in progress

When P and I drove to pick it up the lady who was selling it was clearing her Mum's house, she'd sadly passed away at the age of 86.  She was glad the desk was going to a crafter, I found the knitting needle inside when I got home.

Just visualise the yellow interior :)
Imagine my delight when we got there and found this too - £5, I kid you not!


No, it doesn't go with the wallpaper - I'm still at the thinking stage with this one :)

And this makes me very happy - it's going to be a bedside cabinet/seat
Try and imagine white paint and yellow and white fabric OK?
The best bit was we'd driven to collect the desk in my mini - I could not leave without any of these things - P had an interesting time making them fit in the back.
We drove all the way home with me barely able to see over the lampshade on my lap - and holding the lamp stand so that it didn't keep hitting him in the back of the head!

Finally found a use for the small piece of yellow vintage fabric I bought last March in Chester.

Foxes and rabbits and bears - oh my!

And finished the baby blanket I've been planning with the fabric I bought in San Francisco.

 Two more bags - both identical, one is for My Boy's girlfriend, she was with me when I bought the fabric and I know she likes it - just need to get it in the post.

And a Baby Tag Blanket from scraps - no idea who for, this was an idea I was trying for using up odds and ends from other projects.

And another bag from leftovers for my work colleagues wife - who bakes cakes for charity.
That's it - perhaps not masses to show for 3 weeks but lots of finished items - and given my tendency to be an Excellent Starter and the Master of WIPS I'm pretty pleased with my progress :)
Now I just need to find some time to catch up with all the blog posts I've been missing.


  1. Congrats on making it through your speech.. and all going well..Know you did a good job.
    Oh what beautiful furniture you found. Love it all.. fun,fun..

    1. Thank you - and I'm thrilled with the furniture £30 for the lot, and we also gave a donation to charity. I'm glad to be able to give it all a home :)

  2. well done on your speech, these things are always so scary! what amazing finds - that lampshade is so cool! I love your makes too - you always have such nice fabric.

    1. Thanks - the lampshade is in such good condition, early 1970s is my guess. I'm painting the stand - the shade really doesn't go but I can't bear to part with it!

  3. That's what I call a good haul :)

    1. Absolutely - I'm thinking we'd better take a bigger car next time I'm searching for bargains!

  4. I'd definitely call that masses to show for three weeks! You will post "after" photos of the furniture, won't you? Such wonderful finds :)

    1. I will - but don't hold your breath, I'm making slower progress than I'd like :)

  5. You've been having a very crafty time! And I love that beside cabinet and set - yellow and white is going to be so pretty!

    1. I didn't think I was going to have much difficulty getting yellow and white fabric but I'm struggling at the moment - I have a clear picture in my mind of what I want which probably isn't helping!

  6. well done on your speech. I am not a public speaking person at all, I would totally both fall and freeze.

    I really like your weekly updates though. It is amazing to see what you still get done whilst being busy. Have a good week :-)

    1. I was terrified! There was a 3 course lunch beforehand - I couldn't eat a thing - which is entirely unlike me, I do like my food :)
      I'm not doing well with posting weekly but it is helping me to keep a record - I'm getting more crafty stuff done than I thought :)

  7. Love that furniture!

    Well done on your speech, I don't think I could stand up in front of 400 people and say anything remotely coherent!

    1. I think it helped that I had to speak about a topic I really care about but I'm hoping I never have to do it again! :)


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