Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sew Weekly Reunion Swap - Awesome parcel

I was very excited to receive my swap parcel, not just because the contents were so generous but because of who it came from.  I might be a little bit in awe!

I started to sew for myself in February 2012 but I'd been following crafty blogs for a while.  Any sewing fan will have followed The Sew Weekly.  Many of the blogs I follow are people I came across at that time. 

Imagine my joy when I realised that my parcel came from California, from a lady whose sewing skills I've admired for ages, who sewed her way through TSW 2012 challenges with style and finesse - Barbara of Zibergirl Sews.  Oh my goodness, I am ridiculously excited. 

Just like my other swap partner Samantha, Barbara sews for her family as well as herself.  If you haven't followed her blog before you have to go and see what Barbara makes, such gorgeous, classy outfits, thrifted, refashioned, vintage and modern.

So, I'll stop sounding like a mad stalker and show you what I got ...

I love this style, so feminine

This is my favourite view, how perfect for a work dress,
smart but not a suit - I'm not really a suit wearer

I love, love, love this pattern. My daughter would like View A, in that very fabric!

3 lots of lace, and a zip and bias binding in my favourite colour, orange

Such a friendly, encouraging note from Barbara and beautiful buttons

Looking at the line drawing, pondering my options, I think View C has my name all over it

I am really tempted to try to make this dress for my challenge garment
So there you are, the generosity of sewing bloggers demonstrated once again.  Due to everything that's been going on over the last week or so I've not started on my TSW challenge garment, although I have sorted through my stash to see what I have in the Pantone Autumn 2013 colour palette - only 16 pieces of fabric to choose from!

Now, do I have something that would work with this pattern?  And do I have time to do a muslin?

I've got no time this weekend (my boy is home from his internship) and I'm not going to get a non-working day this month at all but, I've earmarked next Sunday for sewing, so a plan is in the making!



  1. What a wonderful swap! I'm with you on that top dress - it looks really flattering. Looking forward to seeing the results x Jane

    1. Lovely isn't it? The pattern is unused but no instructions so I need to have a good look and think about construction. I suppose they might be on the pattern itself, I need to fnd time to investigate properly :)

  2. Ooh, I can totally see you in that orange dress! Hope you have something suitable for it in your stash.

  3. I should be OK, it says 2.5 yards on the envelope, I must have something! :)

  4. What fun! I have never participated in this type of scored some wonderful things and a personal note from another sewer is to be treasured.

  5. Nice patterns! What a great swap gift!

  6. What a lovely package.. Have fun with the sew weekly reunion..

  7. That's a really great Swap Haul! Both patterns are fab, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make for the Challenge. I'm terribly behind on it myself, as I was away last week, but I'm hoping to get started this week.


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