Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pantone Autumn 2013 - What's in my Stash?

16 pieces of stash fabric that incorporate one or more of the colours

The Sew Weekly Reunion 2013 - the challenge is to make a garment using colours from the Pantone Autumn 2013 palette
I really love these colours, I'm officially an 'autumn' according to the colour consultant I saw some years ago

Whilst I love all these, apart from a couple of potential tops I think most are
the wrong weight for autumn clothes

It's tricky to capture the colours accurately in photos but I spent ages making sure they were good matches
I think the 3 metres of knit has potential (centre top), if I can hone my skills

A couple of these pieces are for my daughter, I have orders
for blouses for her to wear to work but her exercise plan means her shape is changing
so I've been asked to wait a bit longer

I think I can narrow my choice down quite a bit by suitability for the season, it's pretty obvious I'm drawn to these autumn colours, I don't have the biggest stash and a big percentage fits this palette. 
Now if only I could make a decision because we're mid way through the month and I've started nothing!



  1. I love the autumn colors too. and these are really pretty fabrics

  2. I love your stash! It might not be the biggest, but everything in it is fab. I'm bored with my stash at the moment, I definitely need some new Autumn fabrics.


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