Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wedding Stationery - Done & Dusted!

Well, after all the angst and burning of midnight oil (obviously the final push was at exactly the same time as work was manically busy!) I got all the wedding stationery done ...

Invitations & envelopes, Order of Service, Table names, Gift tags for children's place settings,
Confetti pouches, Favour pouches and Place cards

Me and my work pals with the beautiful Bride -
despite the terrible weather lately the sun even shone for our girlie

And this photo made me remember that the hard work (and lack of sleep) were totally worth it!
There was a little bit of love that went into every scrap of paper and card.
I wish the new Mr & Mrs T every happiness.

Me & my Mr

Apparently our other halves looked better in the
fascinators than we did!
And I am definitely, absolutely, never doing it again ......



  1. These look absolutely lovely, Jacq!

    1. Thank you - it was good to see all the bits and bobs together (I made 1 of everything to go in a Memory box for the bride and groom). They were pleased which was absolutely the point of it all :)

  2. Hi Jacq - what a big job - so much work in what you have just done - they look fabulous, I'm sure your friend must have been thrilled. You all look lovely (especially your feathered male friends :) ).

    1. Thank you - nice to have an opportunity to wear a hat - for all of us apparently!

  3. It's all gorgeous Jacq. I can only imagine how fiddly and detailed it must have been. I'm sure the bride was more than happy with the results.

    I love your outfit too.

    1. Thanks Sam. I really wanted to make a dress but had no time to do it. I'd lost all hope of finding anything when I came across this one, very lucky find. Actually it fits really well and has given me an idea of how to adapt a pattern I have :)

  4. These are beautiful.. Fantastic job.. and the bride looks beautiful..

  5. She looked so lovely, her dress was beautiful :)


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