Wednesday, 29 May 2013

2013 Style The Stash Sew A Long - Fabric, fabric & some more fabric

I am very excited to be taking part in Style The Stash Sewalong - this is the brain child of Sarah Liz, you will find her blog here.  She has some brilliant posts on colour and body shape which are really informative.

Various sizes between 0.5 and 2m - 27 pieces

Anything from 2m to 5m - 20 pieces

Style The Stash is her latest idea.  She has set up a separate blog for all of us that are participating.  I'm really looking forward to it, everything starts on the 1st of June.  This starting date is great for me, there were other stashbusters that started as New Year's resolutions but I wasn't able to commit to them earlier in the year.

Basically, these are the guidelines:
  • the sewalong runs from 1st June to 31st Dec, covering 2 seasons and some holidays
  • each month the participants make up a garment from their stash
  • it's free choice of what to make but Sarah Liz has given some ideas
  • we can make more than one item (given my track record this is unlikely!)
  • if you don't get finished you can just carry your item over
  • the focus is to sew something and use up some stash
Because Sarah Liz has set up the blog separately we can all post to it.  I think this is going to be a great help for me and I started by getting my clothing* stash out and having a proper look at it, sadly I'd lost track of what I have.

It's pretty clear, with my recent paltry turnover, that I have enough fabric to keep me busy for about 20 years - 47 useable, clothes-sized pieces.  I don't need to buy any more, my fabric and pattern buying ban are still needed, having too much stuff is overwhelming ... yep, I've already fallen off the wagon ... but, in my defence, I don't like odd numbers so I picked up 3 bargains today and have a nice, round 50 pieces - woo, hoo!

This remnant is going to be a bag - using this brilliant tutorial which I've tweaked before

And another remnant for a bag - obviously

This is an odd shape, I think I have about 1.4 metres, uncut and then
there's another 1.4 metres that have some tiny pieces cut out of them,
mostly at one edge.
I haven't figured out what this is for yet but it's beautiful.
I got all 3 of the above for £10 - I believe you'd have bought them too!


* Quilting supplies, Christmas fabrics, home décor weights, scraps (significant or otherwise), muslins etc don't count, OK?  Good :)  Oh, and I cannot bring myself to catalogue my patterns yet - I know I have 'issues' - I've bought 2 more today!  I'll save that confession for another day :)


  1. Hi Jacq - I had to laugh at this- I have a tendency to want to make my stash neat in terms of numbers of pieces as well - some sort of satisfaction in that! So I understand your secret haul, lol's. Thanks for joining in, it's going to be great fun, and thanks for telling others who might want to join as well. I've got years of stash sewing ahead of me, like you :)

    1. I'm feeling reinspired, it's going to be great. :)

  2. Ooh, this sounds like a really interesting sewalong. It might be just what I need to sort out my stash and actually sew from it, rather than constantly buying new fabrics. First I need to get my stash out and catalogue it of course!

    Love the polka dot and floral fabrics you've just bought.

    1. Excellent, I'm loving seeing everyone's stash - I'm a fabric stalker!

  3. Hmm... I guess I should join. I've a blouse cut here, but am waiting for interfacing. It is from stash. I guess it could count as my June item.... Yeah! Okay! I'd better join..... Heading your way SarahLiz!

    1. It sounds as if you're already ahead of the game! :)

  4. Oh what beautiful fabrics.. Love that stash.. I am beginning to wonder, if this stash sew along is going to work [just kiddin!].. after seeing all these fabrics, I want to fabric shop.. Help me, I have it bad..ha

    1. I'm trying to justify my stash by comparing it to some others! It is lovely o see what eveyone else has. I'm building up to assessing my pattern stash!


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