Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rambling Catch Up

Hello there! Things have been really busy at work for the last few weeks so my crafting time has been sadly limited. Good busy, in fact marvellous busy but sadly also restructuring busy just when some great pieces of work are coming together - I am 'cream crackered'! Still, not a total wash out because ...

Firstly, I finally completed this doll sized quilt - I know it's small but finished - so I'm giving myself a tick!

Totally made up of leftovers and scraps and went to my friend's little girl who loves it :)

Secondly, I've reached Sewlution Phase 3
It's here, my pattern has arrived from Craftsy to accompany the Sew The Perfect Fit course.

Seen here with the sheet I found in a charity shop for £2 - perfect for my muslin
I need to go back to check on iPlayer but I think this is the pattern Ann used on GBSB?
So that's it then, no excuses, I've an FBA waiting to be conquered! As soon as I get the next 100 items off my list!
Thirdly, I'm on the final stretch of "Operation Wedding Stationery" - the big day is 18th of May so, come what may, I'll be done and dusted by then!  I'm nearly there, the end is in sight, I might actually have time to sew stuff. 
Fourthly, didn't you just love GBSB? I thought they were all marvellous and I did think Ann deserved to win, frankly how could anybody compete with 75 years of experience. I'm glad there's going to be a new 8 episode series and expect the format will be tweaked and improved.  I have my fingers crossed that certain blogland sewers will put themselves forward because it was such fun seeing Tilly and recognising her - I sound like a stalker, oh boy!
And Lastly, bet you're glad we got to this bit, I am joining in MMM '13 and loving it - I have even exceeded my pledge this week ... frankly I am clueless what I'm going to be wearing next week mind you, I am dangerously close to running out of stuff.  Still, I am encouraged by Zoe and have a couple of refashion items to tackle.  Talking of encouragement, the other participants are so supportive, I'm so glad I didn't bottle it and drop out.
Right, back to the Wedding stuff, those favour pouches are not going to make themselves!


  1. Glad work has been good busy and not horrible busy, but all the same its not nice when it takes away from your crafting time.

    I'm pleased to hear the wedding stationary is nearly finished, you must be so relieved! I'm in the middle of wedding sewing myself so I can sympathise totally.

    1. I'm nearly, nearly there! I can't tell you what a relief it will be, I want it all to be perfect for J but am a bit burnt out I think. I can't begin to imagine how you're managing with actual sewing, I'm just making cards and bits. Best of luck! x

  2. I didn't join MMM but I have been looking at the group pool daily, and just wanted to tell you I liked your outfits!

    1. Thank you Gail, that is so kind of you. I don't like the photography bit but, and it pains me to admit it, it's actually been very informative for me. I think I might even (and this sounds terribly pretentious but I don't mean it that way) have identified the direction I want to go in with my sewing. Better actually do some then I suppose! :)

  3. Thank you - I will pop over and read all your random facts :)


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