Monday, 27 May 2013

14th to 20th - MMM '13

I'm still hanging in there, can't believe we're nearly at the finishing post.  This is my update for Week 3 - I did not do well!:

15/05/13 - My first repeat, Collette Sorbetto.  I took the evening off from wedding
stationery and went to see Singing In The Rain with my daughter - too tired to remember
to take a photo.  The show was brilliant.

Proof that I actually used the bag - see the sun in the footwell of the car, anybody would think it was May!

Altered version of brilliant reversible bag pattern found here:"
Having made this several times, my ‘perfect’ version is now bigger, with a zipped inner pocket,
basic pockets for sunnies & phone and a buttoned strap to close it.
This particular version is made out of a curtain sample that I bought for £1 –
the shop were selling off the samples they had on display. 
I find curtain fabric is the perfect weight for this bag and the samples are
lined so you can use everything (you’ll even see the eyelets they use for hanging the displays
 are incorporated into my pockets!).  I permanently have my eyes open when they’re selling off these
samples – I am ‘cheap’!


Third incarnation of my 60s dress pattern - actually wearing something I've previously blogged about here

As you can see, I failed to wear my 4 me-mades this week.  Thank goodness I managed 5 the week before, I'm still kind of on target for the month (I know, that's probably cheating).  It's a shame wedding stationery doesn't count as 'me-mades' as I'd be in the 100s!
To be honest, I knew I had a lot on and it would be tough this month (hence the small pledge of 4 items) but I really wanted to take part ... and I'm so glad I have.  Even the painful photo taking has been worth it - I nearly opted to put everything on Doris but it's been a good thing for me to look at stuff when I'm actually wearing it (bizarrely especially at the end of the day when I'm tired and dishevelled because if something looks good at that point it's a winner in my book!).
I have learnt so much - I'm keeping a list for the end of the month.


  1. Hi Jacq - I admire everyone taking part in me made May - it must be so hard taking photos every day. I think you need lots of gold stars even for attempting this sort of thing.

    1. Thank you - I'm looking at the photos differently, thinking body shape! :)

  2. With all you've had going on I think you've done well!

    I'm learning a lot too from MMM - I'll be interested to see if what you've learned overlaps with what I've learned at all.

    1. Excellent - we can compare lists. Mine starts with 'do not offer to make wedding stationery!' x

  3. Thanks - the original tutorial is very clear. I made it 'as was' and then figured out how to make it work for me. Finding I could squeeze one out of a curtain sample was a lucky accident :)


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