Sunday, 10 March 2013

Health Warning - may cause nausea

I know I said I wouldn't buy any more fabric, I clearly don't need it (I am spending today sorting my stash) but this lot was free so that doesn't even count :)

So many quilting fabrics are just yummy
I was given a gift voucher by my colleagues when I left my old job, this was so kind of them but also a bit of a joke - I'm a notoriously rubbish shopper, could I manage to spend it before the expiry date - November 2013?

The floral is the same print as one Above, so good I bought it twice!
I had to spend the voucher on myself (so my immediate thought of using it for Christmas gifts went out of the window), I needed a tangible thing (so Plan B to use it in a restaurant was out) and I couldn't give it away because of course they wanted to know what I had bought for myself. The voucher was for Bluewater shopping centre, I had hundreds of options - for me this actually makes it worse, I know I'm a muppet!

Now added to this I had other vouchers for Christmas - seriously, what are people trying to do to me? Shopping centres are not my natural habitat. I'm allergic to clothes shopping - I come over all grumpy and that's infectious.

Well I've spent it all - the relief, I can't tell you! I got ankle boots in the sale in January, £20 reduced from £60, a bargain always makes me smile. I spent the other Christmas vouchers on jeans - I'm being realistic, I do not see me-made jeans sewing on my horizon, I just don't have the skills at this point, likely not ever!

Then I spent all the rest yesterday on the fabric - it's still for me, it's just not an outfit. Look closely though, just beautiful - and I even know what they're for.

There is more - but it's for a gift so at the moment it's under wraps ;)

I was ages choosing, P patiently carried bolts around whilst I dithered, and he did the mental arithmetic on how much money I had left if I bought 50cm of this but 60cm of that. My brain simply can't do maths in a fabric shop - sensory overload. Apparently the fabrics themselves don't make P feel heart-skippy* but seeing me in a fabric shop does - and that, right there, is why I married him!

And here, for your immediate use, is a bucket - in case my last comment was nausea inducing!

* Definition of 'heart-skippy' - physical reaction of crafter when buying supplies.
Common symptoms include repetitious stroking of craft materials, loss of ability to make a decision and flushed skin
Recommended treatment - regular exposure to the cause of the reaction will build up some resistance, 'little and often' is the key. Post exposure, a sit down with a cuppa and a cake usually restores equilibrium - repeat dose if required.



  1. LOL! Love the fabrics you chose.

    1. Now this is what I love about sewing bloggers - so enabling! :)

  2. Gorgeous! I love the colours you chose, they work so beautifully together and are very fresh and Spring-like. The floral on the grey background in the second pic is my favourite. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with them.

    1. It's obviously a fabric representation of my craving for spring! Have you got snow again too? :)

    2. Definitely! No, no more snow (yet!) although there were a couple of tiny flurries this morning.


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