Monday, 4 March 2013

Sewlution Phase 2

Vogue 8766

Well, Phase 1 of my Sewlution was blind panic when I realised Karen might "pop in" to check on progress - there is none!

So, thanks to Sarah at Goodbye Valentino, I've moved on to Phase 2 and signed up for the Sew the Perfect Fit Craftsy course. I've been considering the course for a while, bust conquering seems to be in the lesson plan! Thanks to Sarah there was even a 40% discount. Given my preferred learning style of having somebody actually show me how to do something I'm hopeful.

So now I'm waiting for the pattern to arrive in the post and I can move onto Phase 3, you know, actual making stuff, tackling fit issues, getting a grip as opposed to procrastinating!

Incidentally, this totally doesn't fly in the face of my pattern buying fast - I paid for the course, the pattern was free :D


  1. I like that pattern, there are plenty of options for making lots of dresses from that once you get the fit right.

    I bought the Craftsy Couture Dress course last year, but now I've decided I don't like the style of the dress, so I haven't done any of the lessons. I really should because I'm sure they'd be useful for other patterns as well.

  2. Hi Sam, I liked the pattern too, very versatile and good ratings on Pattern Review. I can see how you can make work day and dressy dresses from it which is handy.

    I think you make View D (the blue sleeveless one) for the course, that would make sense to me. If you look at Sarah's blog she has some photos of her progress, amazing. She makes beautiful things anyway but says this technique really helped her so I'm in! :)


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