Friday, 15 March 2013

For the love of boxes

Much better - lovely and tidy - the box is even pink :)

Sadly this isn't even the before photo - this is half way through - just imagine what it was like earlier!
I hadn't even confined the carnage to one room - I can't bear to show what the dining room looked like.
Let's just say the mess was disproportionate given my low productivity ;)

But it's official, I don't have too much stuff I just didn't have enough storage - sorted!

I've been fortunate to have a dedicated craft space for a couple of years, I claimed the smallest bedroom when we extended the house. At that point the only sewing I did was turning up curtains or making the odd cushion. I didn't really factor in needing space to sew (or store fabric). Oh, and I didn't crochet either - the yarn stash is new too! Everything needed tweaking a bit.
This is much better :)

Of course, it's abundantly clear I don't now have room for any more storage boxes, I could squeeze in one more high shelf - but I'd need to use a step ladder to access things - probably not ideal. Oh, and there's not really room for me and Doris, so she's still lurking in my bedroom!
I think I might have hit saturation point - time to start using stuff up. I have 6 things on the go - 6! but they're all gifts so I can't show them yet, but there is progress honestly :)


  1. How lovely to have a dedicated sewing space! I store my fabric and yarn stash in a cupboard in the smallest bedroom, which is very deep, so awkward to use. I have books on shelves in that room too, but it is also my office as I work from home. Sadly the work computer has to take precedence over my sewing machine!

    I actually sew in the dining room, which is fine as we don't use it very often. Except we've got friends coming for dinner on Sunday, so I've got to put everything away! I'm so NOT looking forward to doing that!

    1. I am lucky, I used to really struggle shoving everything away to use the table. That's still where I need to do cutting out - and even that's not ideal heightwise but it's my best option. Paul reckons we only tidy up properly if we're expecting visitors!


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