Saturday, 23 February 2013

Links to Crafty Goodness

Tenuously craft related photo of P and my bestest friend J when we were in Florida last May - I did some alterations to J's RTW holiday wardrobe - I said it was tenuous! Just looking at this picture makes me smile - Roll on Spring!

Hi. Hope you're warm and toasty - we have more snow just at the point I'd decided that I'm a tad bored with winter and totally ready for the spring! I caught P looking at travel websites for a glimpse of the sun - we're not actually planning a trip at all!

Just a quick note to point you in the direction of some giveaways and a brilliant swap.

Pattern Giveaway:
Sew Christine is a very skilled bag maker and has had patterns published many times. She's having a sort out of dressmaking patterns and fabric. You can see Christine has set up a pop-up shop but she's giving away some patterns too. I'm lucky enough to know Christine IRL and she's got loads of patterns covering years of sewing. Some of them are corkers - I'm not telling you which I have my eye on!

Yarn Giveaway:
I love Little Woollie, I'm working on a LW inspired blanket for my daughter. Sadly, as Jules lives in Australia I do not know her IRL! She yearns for a bricks and mortar shop but has brilliantly decided to set up an online shop to sell the yarn she uses for her projects in mixed packs. This is very exciting chance to get yarns that I wouldn't normally have access to. I wish her lots of luck with her shop.

International Swap:
Have you seen House of Pinheiro's International Craft Swap? I have a confession - I am in awe of Rachel. Rachel lives not far from me in the UK, I'm thinking of carrying an autograph book in case I ever bump into her! Have you seen the things she makes? She wrote a series of posts on her planning processes - amazing. And tissue fitting - genius. Anyway, the swap theme is nautical, I'm really looking forward to taking part.

Right, I'm off. Good luck if you enter the giveaways - isn't the crafty blogging world brilliant? :)


  1. Lovely links there! I've just put my name down for Rachel's craft swap. Very excited, and just a bit nervous!

    1. Oh that's great, I love the idea of a nautical theme but am now wracking my brain!

  2. the crafty blogging world is very lovely. thank you for sharing the links. I had never heard of little wollie :-)

    1. I bet you enjoy her blog, I've had a few of her projects on my list but the crochet blanket I'm making is big so I daren't start anything else! Her colour choices are very cheery :)


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