Wednesday, 5 September 2012

'Just one Sorbetto, handmade by me' ...

I know everybody knows this already, I was late to the party as I only started sewing myself clothes this February, but the free Colette Sorbetto pattern is great. I went from 0 to 5 handmade tops in under 2 weeks, and wore them to take part in Tilly's OWOP in March. The sense of satisfaction was immense and it really encouraged me to think I'd be able to progress and make wearable things.

Me & my 'baby boy' - this is my absolute favourite Sorbetto, made from a Liberty lawn remnant, £9.74. It has sleeves & a pleated neckline, I have worn it repeatedly. The neckline shows up a bit better in the second photo

Not only is the pattern free it uses so little fabric, I can get away with about half a metre if the fabric is wide enough, and I don't want sleeves. I desperately wanted to wear my new skirt and had nothing suitable in my fabric stash, which is fairly modest ...

... but I have guilt about buying more fabric because:

(a) I'm going to a craft show on Thursday, there are bound to be some bargains

(b) P and I head off to Japan in less than a fortnight and I fully intend to stock up whilst I'm there (I am so excited, this is such an adventure for us, I'm not even going to pretend to be nonchalant, I'm proper, skipping about excited)

However, what I can justify is practising new techniques, can't put a price on improving one's skill set. So, this seemed like the perfect solution for my 'what can I wear with my red skirt?' dilemma, cheap as chips broiderie anglaise.

Just over half a metre of fabric, £3ish; thread from stash, bias binding from scraps of plain white cotton I used on skirt pockets (new skill), made the bow from scraps of main fabric (new skill) - DONE!

So a new outfit for just over £9, new skills, an excuse to wear my new red shoes, happy face!


  1. The bow on your white Sorbetto is perfect! I love the blouse paired with your new red skirt - it's a smashing ensemble :) Well done on your gorgeous pleated neckline Sorbetto - it's such lovely fabric!

  2. I love the bow, so cute! The white Sorbetto looks great with your red skirt, and I adore the Liberty print one.

  3. Thank you very much, such nice comments. I love the Liberty fabric and it washes and presses so nicely, the Sorbetto does mean I can justify the price of it because it doesn't need very much. I may just have acquired some more ... !


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