Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Baby Shower Sewing

Last Sunday I went to my first ever baby shower, my DD's friend is having twins in the New Year. This has not been a straightforward journey for her and I am delighted that she is having a little girl and a little boy, very exciting.

Well, here is the young Mum-to-Be in the maternity dress I made for her, when she was at the height of  'all day sickness' and feeling terrible ...

... and now you can see why the fabric choice was perfect for her! She loves this dress and I am so pleased to have been able to make such an individual dress for her.

I'd never made baby shower gifts before so I kept it simple:
I had bought some clothes and hooded baby towels so I made drawstring bags to put them in - I thought they'd come in handy for storing nappies or as laundry bags for the babies.
And a couple of matching tag blankets. I've seen these about (they hadn't been invented when my children were born) and I made sure to use ribbons of different colours and textures. Everything is very securely sewn, just to be on the safe side, and I used flannel on the back to give another texture.
I know they're simple but S was really pleased with them.

The fabrics were from my precious stash bought in Japan last year, both of theses were from Yuzawaya. I only had a metre of each - all I have left is scraps :)



  1. Aww she looks super cute in the dress you made her. I couldn't even tell she was pregnant at first. Good luck to her! Great dress!

    1. She does have a very neat bump, you can't tell she's pregnant at all from the back - poor thing was so ill in the beginning she lost about 24 lbs. Babies are due in early Feb, I'm expecting a growth spurt before then :)

  2. She looks lovely! Not ill at all!

    1. She's really well now, thank you. I'm so glad for her, she's a lovely young woman and totally thrilled about being a mummy :)

  3. Your friend certainly looks pretty in your dress. The gifts are gorgeous - and I have my fingers crossed for the birth next year.


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