Tuesday, 1 October 2013

More Craft Bags

We've been away on holiday to Lanzarote and that, combined with the pre-break manic rush at work, meant I've sewn very Iittle this month.  I have big plans but I've had very little time.  I'm pretty hopeful of getting some non-working days during October - I will start ticking stuff off my list!

Another craft bag for my DS's girlfriend.  She's a dedicated crafter who regularly enters
handmade objects in the local county fair.
I love this lining fabric, I bought it in the Isle of Wight when we were away in the summer
The fabric I used for the pockets was a purchase from Tokyo last year - I had
a super time adding bits and bobs to the print to make it 3D.
I have plenty left to make something else.
And I had enough bits and bobs cut out to make a second version for me!
With the remnants of my Harry Potter Cape lining to finish it off
As much as I love this pattern, I think I'm done with the Craftsy bags for a little while.  There are dresses I want to sew, 2 quilts to finish, dressing gowns promised to Paul and my brother ... it's quite a 'To Do' list.  Oh, and the Dress A Girl Around The World project to crack on with.  I really need to get a move on!
I am so behind with blogs I follow - I came home to hundreds of posts I want to read, I will catch up and leave comments eventually.



  1. I think you have done amazingly well - I read your earlier post about your work frustrations :). These bags are just super terrific - I love bucket bags, and you have done such a nice job on these.

    1. Thank you - the Craftsy instructions are very clear, I'm impressed with the free class. I've tweaked them a bit (to work with the materials I have) but I think they're a great beginner project. :)

  2. I hope you had a lovely relaxing holiday. I appear to have been in a similar position to you in September and didn't get much sewing done. Here's to a more productive October!

    1. But you made one very beautiful dress Sam - quality over quantity :) That said, I'm hoping to get more done in October too :)


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