Thursday, 17 October 2013

Feeling Yarnish

I think it's the weather, Sam mentioned exactly the same phenomenon a few days ago, that's she's knitting rather than sewing.   Mind you, as she's made a very beautiful wedding dress she might just need a little break!
Of course, I can't knit particularly well so I thought I'd make something for myself using a crochet pattern.  I've been looking on Ravelry, searching Amazon for crochet books, popped into the local book shops. I even started a couple of things, but nothing was quite right and I've been busy frogging and rewinding the yarn.
I've spent the week driving around the county for one thing or another - I don't like to pass up the opportunity to look for a crafty shop.  During my lunch break on Tuesday I struck gold and stumbled across a proper old fashioned wool shop, 'Hours Knit & Stitch' in Sittingbourne.  It would have been rude to leave empty handed!


Doesn't this bowl full of yarny goodness just make you feel cosy?

I bought 2 patterns too, the tiny little shop had a much bigger range of crochet patterns than I've seen elsewhere. 

The blue (which is more of a Teal IRL) is for the pattern above
I can't decide which view to make - I think I'm veering towards the version with the collar

So, I decided to make this jumper first, I'm using the variegated Americana for this one

I really like the wavy pattern
I'm using a 4.5mm hook rather than the 4mm they recommend, I've a tendency for things to come up a bit smaller than expected, obviously my tension.  It's not really a problem with blankets but I'd be a bit miffed if I finished a jumper and it didn't fit!
I've made a start already, just getting into the flow of the pattern, it always takes a couple of repeats before I can do it without thinking about it at all.
Oh, and the 3 balls of olive green are 'just because' - it's a lovely soft merino and a favourite colour of mine, I think it will be a snuggly scarf - and it was reduced so much I got all 3 balls for less than the price of 1 - bargain!



  1. I feel the same way: all I want to do these days is knit (and quilt!) - I always get this way in the fall.

    Love the yarns and patterns you chose. I think I agree with you about the cardigan with the collar. And that wave pattern on the pullover is so unique - I've never seen anything like it in crochet!

    1. All I needed was 1 person to agree with me - definitely the collared version :)

  2. The make and then unmake syndrome - very familiar with that one too - I just knitted the whole back of a jumper in 4 ply yarn only to discover I hated it. Then I decided to double it and make it 8 ply - then couldn't get the tension to match a pattern. Finally got it sorted out - took weeks :) So good luck - I hope things go to plan with you :)

  3. Thanks - I've measured the little I've done so far and I think the sizing will be OK, it's a simple shape so that helps. I'm just sitting here looking at another project I started that isn't quite what I want - more frogging I think :)

  4. Love that cardigan pattern - definitely the version with the collar. That teal colour will look gorgeous on you.

    On the subject of crochet - can you recommend a nice, easy crochet blanket pattern? A friend of mine wants to make one for her first grandchild, due early next year.

    1. All votes for the collar - I just needed a second/third opinion :) I will have a think about the patterns for blankets - is your friend a total beginner? x

    2. Thank you. No, she isn't a total beginner but I think its been some time since she's done any crochet.

  5. Oh I don't believe that you're not a good knitter - you are going to tackle waves and patterns and lace! I too am spending time this week knitting and then thinking of things I can sew to match the finished cardigan - if it is ever completed....
    BTW- with collar

    1. I can only tackle such a pattern because it's crochet - honestly, nobody wants me to be able to knit more than I do myself! Collar it is - unanimous!

  6. Oh what pretty patterns.. Can't wait to see what you make..


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