Saturday, 21 September 2013

Gifts for Crafters

A few weeks ago I made a couple of craft bags for Sam and my DD.

It was a gift for Sam's birthday and I used fabrics she's admired when I bought them.  I wanted her to have something she'd like and use because she gave me such a beautiful gift for my birthday in April.  She's a very skilled knitter so I hoped it would be handy for her latest project.

My DD had recently asked me to teach her to crochet - no mean feat as she's a lefty and I'm a righty but she's doing brilliantly.  She's making blankets for a friend who is expecting twins - the young woman I made this dress for.

I'd had this turquoise floral fabric for a while, I picked it up at a vintage fair last year.  A had her eye on it from the start and I'd hoped to make a simple top for her, even though the fabric was 36" wide I thought I could just about manage it.  However, when I looked carefully there were lots of little holes in the fabric - from being pinned for such a long time.

I'd used the pattern before for a swap gift.  It's free from Craftsy here and I'd really recommend it, it would be great for a beginner.

I now have an order for another one but I don't think I'm going to manage to make it before I go on holiday.

In fact I'd quite like one for myself - I'll add that to the list!



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