Sunday, 14 April 2013

Triangle Therapy




I'm in love with Half Square Triangles

What do you make when you need to relax?  Lots and lots of half square triangles - trust me, just try it.  I've measured and sliced my way through loads of them, sewing up both sides of the centre line, slicing them up and a quick press and there you are with a pile of happy little squares.

HSTs are so versatile but this is the simple pattern I settled on


I've had the patterned fabric for a few weeks, it was all free as I used a gift voucher.  At that point I hadn't decided what to make with it but really liked the patterns and colours.  Once I'd decided on a project I realised I needed a plainer fabric.  I'd originally thought cream or white but picked up the turquoise on Friday - with my loyalty card/voucher thing from the local quilt shop so more free* fabric!   It's got a slight texture to it, I prefer that to a totally plain solid.

The plan is that it will be a table runner - I'm not sure if it's long or wide enough. I was trying to get an idea of what it would look like but Luke would insist on working so it's not easy to see if I've got it right yet! 
And the table has extension pieces so now I'm wondering if that makes a difference to the finished length.  I think I'm going to sleep on it. 
On the plus side I have lots left of all of the fabrics so I can make it wider/longer if need be - I think I even have enough to make napkins with my serger - woo hoo!

Then I had a practice with my new walking foot - works a treat, I am very happy with it

And, just when you thought my life couldn't get more exciting look at this - a table top ironing board.  I am inordinately pleased with it!
We bought it in a camping shop - seriously who does ironing when they go camping?  They must be posh campers -  I barely do the ironing at home! 
But it's perfect for patchwork - I see more HSTs in my very near future.

* I get a stamp on a card every time I spend £10 - with 12 stamps I get a free metre of fabric.  P thinks this is stretching the definition of 'free' ... I think I'd be buying the fabric anyway!


  1. If you were going to buy the fabric anyway then of course the metre you got with your loyalty points is free!

    I loved these fabrics when you showed them originially, and they look even lovelier paired with the plain turquoise.

    1. Exactly, in fact I'm actually saving money by shopping! I'm glad I picked the turquoise too, much better than the effect I got with a white fabric :)

  2. Oh, I love this! I've been wanting to make a quilt using this motif. Too many projects!

  3. I've never tried patchwork for relaxation (and meditation certainly doesn't work :) rather be doing something!). How do you handle all the bias seams?

    1. Oh I'm with you, have to be doing something. I find crochet really meditative and patchwork is the same for me - it's the repetition I think. I tried several different HST methods actually, with quite different results, it's almost certainly personal preference but one method really worked better for me. I was thinking of posting to show how I got on - not sure if that would be useful?


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