Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Valentino is in the building!

Oh my, it has arrived, just look at this pattern of wonder ...

It is so beautiful, it's not just me is it?

I don't know if you can see in this photo but the zip is offset, as it's incorporated into one of the back seams. I might have done some actual skipping when I spotted that!

This is it, one side of instructions, it's either very easy or there's an assumption of knowledge - I guess we'll see.
I'm really impressed with the service, I ordered from an Etsy seller (CloesCloset) - I'm not sure I'm helping myself announcing this but I know of at least one person who is keen to get her hands on a Vogue Valentino pattern! On that note Sam hold fire - I might have had a bit of luck and a Plan if you're up for it. I'll email you later ;)
I only ordered it late last Thursday. It arrived today (public holiday & weekend in between) beautifully packaged (I could have shown you if I hadn't opened it in unseemly haste), all pattern pieces ironed and with a little gift of 6 pink buttons. I love those little touches and I think this is worth every penny.
Right, got to get a grip - "I will not start this until I have made my cape" and repeat...


  1. Oh yes, that is very, very gorgeous. The offset zip is one of those details that really marks it out as a designer couture pattern. You MUST NOT start it until you've made your cape though!

    Can't wait to find out what your plan is!!

  2. Oh, hello rad pattern! Do you have a fabric picked out for this yet?

    1. Isn't it a wonder? I love it, the line drawings on the instructions are fab, I'm bowled over! I have a fabric dilemma - I really need to work through some of my stash but I don't think I've got anything to do this justice, my first pick isn't going to cut it! So, as a muslin is going to be needed first, I'm going to knock that up out of a sheet and buy myself some time to make a decision!


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