Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Liebster Award

Sam at A Little of What You Fancy  has very kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award.  I'm a bit surprised, I feel the urge to indulge in an weepy 'Oscar' type speech!  Thanks Sam.

Apparently the Liebster Award is awarded to blogs with less than 200 readers to bring them into the limelight and hopefully increase their readership. I've tried to find out how long the Award has been running but without much joy. The rules are:

Post 11 random facts about yourself.

Answer 11 questions posed by your nominator.

Nominate up to 5 other blogs for the award and ask them 11 questions of your own.

So, here goes, these are 11 random facts about me, prepare to be amazed!

  1. My son is called Luke - after Luke Skywalker.  I really, really love Star Wars!
  2. I cannot abide pineapple - the smell, the taste, the texture - just awful.
  3. I'm rubbish at winking - I can just about do it with my left eye, not at all with my right.
  4. I was run over when I was 19 - I was crossing the road on a zebra crossing and got hit by a stolen car driving really recklessly.
  5. Because of (4) my pelvis is twisted and (despite help from a chiropractor) my right leg is about an inch shorter than the left.
  6. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was in my 30s - my children taught me.
  7. My Grandfather had a British racing Green mini when I was a child and I loved it.  My husband bought one for me as a surprise present on our first Christmas together (I know, serious points for him).  Eleven years later, I'm now on my third, I cannot imagine having any other car.
  8. I am frightened of mice, proper 'panic attack' scared.
  9. I can't abide text speak, it drives me crackers.  My text messages are grammatically correct, all punctuation, no abbreviations!
  10. Having usefully studied Latin for 3 years at school I can quote you a few random verbs and sing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" ("Adeste Fideles" - if you wanted to know).  And I'm pretty sure Puella Magna Toga means Big Girls' Blouse.
  11. There is a photo of me with Prince Charles and due to a set of unfortunate circumstances (photographer up some steps, my height, cowl-necked jumpers being fashionable in the 80s) it looks as if he's staring down the front of my top!
Now to answer the 11 questions from Sam:

1.  Do you do any other crafts in addition to sewing?
Yes lots - I've done a lot of cross-stitch in the past.  I learnt to crochet nearly 2 years ago, I can knit (badly) so it's a bit of a chore but I am not a quitter so I keep trying!  I make lots of cards, just generally but also for charity and stationery for weddings etc.  I'm currently trying to master patchwork and build up to quilting.  Oh, and my husband's aunt is desperately trying to teach me to do everything - I have an ongoing embroidery project that is slow going!  Basically I just don't have enough time for it all.

2.  What is your favourite item you've made?
The Granny Stripe blanket I started pretty much as soon as I learnt to crochet.  It fits a double bed - I probably should have picked something smaller!  It gets used all the time and I love it.

3.  How often do you sew, and would you like to do more?
Less than once a week, although I'm hoping that will pick up now I've reduced to a 4 day working week.  I craft pretty much every week, just not sewing - yet!

4.  Do you have an unfulfilled ambition and what is it?
Crikey, you ask difficult questions ... I've always wanted to make a difference.  That sounds really stuffy and I don't mean it to.  I consider myself to be very fortunate - I'd like to do more charitable and voluntary work in the future.

5.  As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
Oh that's easy - a dancer with Pan's People.  I used to put my red poncho around my waist, stand on the coffee table and dance to Top of the Pops.  I must have been 3 or 4.

6.  What is your favourite food?
That's tough, I'm an enthusiastic eater - if I was pushed I'd have so say cheese.  Practically any cheese     (although the mild ones like Edam are a bit of a waste), I love the stuff.

7.  Would you rather listen to music, watch television or read?
I like to do all 3 in different circumstances (I can't drive anywhere without the radio on) but there's no contest - reading is a passion.

8.  What sewing tool wouldn’t you be without?
Seriously, you want me to pick one?  Sadly, probably my seam ripper.

9.  What sewing tool did you buy that’s a total waste of money?
I don't think I can answer that - I actually don't have that many sewing tools as I'm relatively new to the whole thing.  I've been careful about what I've picked (having learnt from card making that the super whizzy stuff isn't necessarily what you use) so I fortunately don't have any duds - yet!

10.  What is the one pattern you’ve sewn that you’d recommend to someone else?
Goodness ... OK, there are 2 answers (kind of Buy One Get One free on the questions!).  If it was a new sewer I'd say the free Colette Sorbetto - it takes such small amounts of fabric that you don't worry about wasting/ruining an expensive buy, it is not overly fitted so it's fairly forgiving, you can easily change the length etc so get to grips with drafting little changes, and the wealth of tutorials for making it individual are a gift.  It's the first thing I got going with and it gave me confidence.  

For a more confident sewer I'd say try a vintage pattern - I've had my most successful makes from a 60s shift dress pattern I bought for 50p.  I've made it 4 times (3 for me, once for my daughter), it's a real change using a vintage pattern and I found it really informative to go through that process.

11.  What is your number one crafting tip (sewing or otherwise)?Remember that it's about the process.  I need to practice this a bit more, I'm the worst for putting pressure on myself, but when you just concentrate on the joy of making something you often produce your best results.  Life can be so busy, and many of us have jobs that don't produce a tangible item.  To be able to make something with your own hands is wonderful, and if you can give it as a gift or teach somebody else the skills then that's pretty special.

Now to nominate the following blogs for a Leibster Award, this is tough actually because I read lots and many of them are ineligible because of the number of followers they have or have already received the Award:

  1. Giggles in the Sun - A fledgling blogger and sewer I can really relate to, lots of lovely projects.
  2. Meg The Grand - I'm 'pushing it' Meg seems to have 206 followers, and frankly I'd be astonished if she hadn't received this award before but I did a quick search of her blog and can't find any reference.  Go visit, you will laugh aloud :)
  3. Cats and Crafts - Another newish blog, full of different projects, with the all important Crafty Cat element.  I'm taking a gamble, I can't be sure exactly how many followers Alison has but I don't think she's had the award before.
  4. Bimble and Pimble - Brilliant projects and proper belly-laughing funny, I recommend you visit Amanda.
I've stopped at 4 - it's my favourite number!
  1. You have enough money in your purse for one project - yarn or fabric?
  2. How did you learn to sew?
  3. What is your 'turning point' garment - the one that made you think you might actually be able to do this?
  4. What is the most unusual material you have used in a garment?
  5. Where is the one place you have always wanted to visit and why?
  6. Would your teenage self have imagined your life now and, if not, what would it have been like?
  7. If somebody asked your advice about learning a new craft what would you recommend?
  8. What piece of equipment is on your Wish List and why?
  9. Do you have the telly or radio on in the background when you sew and, if you do, what is on?
  10. What is your favourite snack when you're crafting?
  11. Do you enjoy making things for yourself or others and why?

That's it, I can't wait to see the answers.




  1. Thanks you so much for the lovely nomination, Jacq! We need to talk Minis for a moment. My first car was a 73 Clubman my Dad and I did up from scratch. Her name was Mable and she was bright purple with hot pink racing stripes. I loved her so very much but couldn't afford her upkeep as a beginning teacher. The day I sold her I cried for two hours straight. Minis are the BEST and one day I want to get another and do it up again. What colour is your latest?

    1. British racing green, always! Mini 1 was called Louis, plain green. Mini 2 was Henry (because he was a Cooper and Henry Cooper was a British boxer - just random nonsense on my part!). And my current mini is Alice (another Cooper you see?). Henry had a double white bonnet stripe to go with his white roof. Alice has checkered flag bonnet and boot stripes - I love him. All boys, all green. Paul says there are other types of cars - who knew? Oh boy, I'm full of random facts today! X

    2. So awesome! Mini are number one for sure!

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! I can't believe anyone actually reads my blog haha. I will post my response tomorrow after I have time to think carefully about my answers, questions, and nominations.

    I can't believe I've been nominated for a blogging award! I'm wicked excited, you don't even know. You absolutely made my night. Thank you so much!

    1. You're very welcome, I'm really looking forward to seeing your answers :)

  3. I loved reading your random facts (I'm with you on the text speak!) and your answers to my questions. I'm off to check out the blogs you've nominated now.

    Love that all your Mini's have names too! Years and years ago my godmother had a Hillman Imp called Iolanthe.

    1. Are you trying to tell me that some dars don't have a name? Good grief! I love Iolanthe - so grand :)

    2. 'cars', I mean cars - honestly I should read things before I hit post!

  4. I loved reading this! how fun! You're on my reader list now :)

    I'll go check out the bloggers you mention

    1. You too, this has been a great way of finding new blogs :)

  5. Thank you for nominating me :-) I really liked the bit about not being a quitter. There have been moments in the sewing adventure when I asked myself whether it is really worth it, however the answer was always yes.

    Anyway, I have replied

    1. Well I am very glad you're not a quitter, your answers are brilliant :)

  6. Thanks for sharing this info about yourself! Off to have a peek around your blog...J


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