Sunday, 27 January 2013

Guess the name of the winner!

Whilst I know I am lucky in life I've never considered myself to be terribly lucky with things like raffles and competitions. However, for the second time since I started blogging I have won a prize, this time in Jane's giveaway here. Handmade Jane is one of the first sewing blogs I started to follow so I am extra thrilled, not only to win a prize but one made by Jane herself.

The apron of loveliness ably modelled by Doris - sadly I am still in my pjs as this flu is lingering.

I love the fabric and particularly that the backing fabric is blue with white polka dots. In fact if Jane were a fabric this is the one I think she would be, probably with a red trim of some sort! Tell me I'm not the only one who associates bloggers with fabric? Of course So, Zo would have anchors on hers, perhaps birds, definitely navy/green combo. I think Tilly would be a brown polka dot self drafted button back blouse. Meg will always for me be a comic strip skirt and Amanda is a giraffe print skirt - well, until she comes up with a skirt made of cookies! And I know exactly the dress and colour combo I associate with Sam - and she hasn't even made it yet!

I'm not sure what I'd be - is that a bit sad? Perhaps I haven't found my way yet, I've always avoided clothes shopping so perhaps I don't have any style - oh boy!

Look, even Jane's wrapping paper matches ...

So, I've not been very productive, being ill and all, but I did finish this ripple blanket so I can concentrate on my daughter's one. And I tidied up my craft room a bit, it was sadly in need!

Right, off for a lie down!


  1. Ooh, that apron is pretty, what a lovely prize. And your ripple blanket looks great, I love the colour combination.

    I was going to ask what dress/colour you associate with me, but I think I know!

    I think you might be a Sorbetto blouse in a gorgeous Japanese print fabric, cos I know you like the pattern and I know you've got some lovely Japanese fabrics in your stash. Maybe it's easier to work out what someone else is than what you yourself are - if you know what I mean!

    Hope you're starting to feel better, that flu sounds as if its been really nasty.

    1. You know you're right - I am absolutely a Sorbetto made from great fabric because it appeals to my thrifty side (free pattern) but my love of quality fabric (it takes such a small amount I can buy something special)! Also, following on from your blouse woes, I know I pick tops that don't have buttons or collars, for exactly the reasons you've listed. Oh, and my brother wrote a song for me about my Sorbetto collection when I made loads last February when I started sewing, it's very catchy!

  2. Feel better soon, Jacq! And may I say what a gorgeous ripple blanket :D

    1. Thank you, I am getting there. My poor husband, on the other hand is still flat out, and it's his birthday today :(
      It took me so long to finish the ripple I fell out of love with it but I'm pleased now it's finished. It's for a little boy with a seaside themed bedroom - I was going for 'waves on the beach'!


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