Saturday, 1 December 2012

Happy John Denver & The Muppets Day!

I've mentioned before, and I know we're not alone, my family have many traditions at Christmas time. Some started when my children were small, others got added as new people joined the family - we like to be inclusive, there's always room for another special tradition!

This one dates back to 1976. I was 10, it was Brother Number 2's first Christmas and my Dad brought home a vinyl album. It has been played from December 1st every year since, on a daily basis through the Christmas period. It got a bit scratched over time, it jumps on one track and Brother Number 4 always sings it that way because that's how he learnt it!

As we've grown up and moved all over the place everyone has got their own copy. In Wales, London, Kent & California today is John Denver & The Muppets Day. We play it to put up the tree, we open presents to it, I wrap gifts to it, this is the background music for my family.

It's a proper singalong album - you cannot help but be festive. The world over we're all belting out The Twelve Days of Christmas - and Mum does the 'b-dum, bom, bom' Miss Piggy bit wrong every time ... For 36 years!


JD & The Muppets 'Twelve Days of Christmas'


  1. Ha ha, what fun! I've never heard of this album, which is surprising as my dad was a great fan of both John Denver and the Muppets back in the late 70's!

    1. The Muppet Show was compulsory viewing in our house! I've tried to convert as many people as possible to the brilliance of this album but with staggeringly little success. It's genius honestly!
      The funniest thing is my brother (No 3) rang to wish me a happy JD & The Muppets Day (this is a really significant family event, I'm not making it up) and we were talking about how long it had been going on. "You do know it wasn't R's first Christmas don't you?" he says to me - as if this isn't an earth shattering statement! Do you know, he's right, it was released in 1979 - this is another of my parents' embellished tales (our childhoods are scattered with them!). I suppose there are 6 of us, Mum has no recollection of what childhood illnesses anyone had and our names are interchangeable! The funniest thing is nobody was born in 1979 so I don't know where that artistic addition came from!
      So it's only 33 years but please don't let that put you off, it's brilliant - I'm not even on commission :)

  2. This whole post made me so so happy. I love hearing about how the record skipped and your brother learned to sing it that way, or that your Mum has been singing the same part wrong for 36 years. It made me laugh with pure joy because those are the best memories of the holidays. Thanks for this - it definitely got me in the spirit of the season :)

    1. I love people's Christmas traditions too. We had a houseful one year and by the time we'd accommodated everyone's gift model (book from Santa on the bed, Christmas stockings on the hearth, gifts under the tree, gifts on the tree, table gifts, after dinner gifts etc) there was barely time to eat! I laughed heartily at her boyfriend's face as my daughter explained the 'proper' way to do Christmas - I thought he was going to take notes at one point!

      Your handmade gift list nade me feel festive - and slightly inadequate! :)


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