Saturday, 28 July 2012

Birds & Oysters

Yesterday I went to Whitstable with my husband, the last day of the Oyster Festival seemed like a good way to spend my day off work. We've seen such a turn around in the weather this week, it was lovely to be on the beach and enjoying the sun. I love Whitstable, one of my favourite places to mooch about and drive P insane by picking stuff out that I love but refuse to buy because I could make it myself. He thinks there is a big difference between being able to make stuff and having the time to make stuff! In fact I picked up some fabric to see if I can replicate a dress I saw - we'll see.

I got to wear my fourth 'me made' item today, a Burdastyle 'Michelle' skirt that I made from Ikea 'Cecilia' fabric. I've seen a few garments on the internet using this fabric which I love. It was a bargainous £5.38 and I managed to make a pair of pj shorts out of the leftovers (as part of Karen's Pyjama Party earlier this year) so I think my skirt worked out at less than £4. I did line it, which the pattern didn't call for (using an old sheet so £0!), and feel it is the better for it, although I'd do it slightly differently in future. I still don't have the fit 100% right at the waist (despite being my second attempt) I apparently cannot measure my own body! Regardless, I have worn it loads of times and have received compliments on it :)

I also used one of the bags I made, from a curtain store remnant. So practically an entire outfit, and 4 out of 5 is pretty good for the week.

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