Sunday, 12 January 2014

Crafty Happenings - Week 2


Well I didn't actually mean for these weekly progress posts to be the only thing I write but that's how it's turned out.

It's working for me though, having had what I thought was a pretty un-crafty week, looking back there's been much more than I thought.  Still nothing actually finished but I'm not counting!
And I've been slowly catching up with the backlog of posts on blogs I follow, I'm under 100 so getting there!

So, Week 2 then:

1 metre fabric remnant for £5 - perfect for the replacement cushions I'm
planning for our sitting room

This is the wallpaper in our sitting room - I think the fabric will work brilliantly with it and there's enough variation in it to mix them up a bit.

I'm looking for fabric for new bedroom curtains - I keep picking up bits of fabric in every shop I go into - this may eventually negate the saving of making the curtains myself, unless we choose the fabric pretty soon!

This silver fabric is entirely hideous to work with (and look at!) - £3.50 per metre
We're having a fundraiser at work on Tuesday - it involves an Abba dance routine (I am not sure how I got talked into it!) and very dodgy costumes.  I'm having to make alterations to 3 of the tops.  This silver fabric is part of my attempt to cover our modesty - the overlocker has been an absolute godsend with this awful unravelly fabric - on the plus side you now can't see our underwear through the costume!

We are going to be hopeless, I'm hoping the sparkly fabric temporarily blinds the audience!


800g of 4ply baby yarn and a 2.5mm hook -
order arrived in the post this week

This is the shawl pattern I'm planning on making
Our friends J&C (whose wedding stationery I made here) are expecting their first baby in June - lovely news :)

2 magazines I picked up for a song in the market
I'm a total cheapskate - I do love crafty magazines but they're so expensive and I often only like 1 or perhaps 2 projects so I don't buy them regularly.  These are a couple of months old - doesn't bother me in the slightest for 75p each!

Tiny bit of progress made on P's Batman picture
These are the fabrics I've chosen for my setting triangles & borders -
the quilt is 'on point', not that I realised that's what I was doing
I took a trip to Hometown in Rochester on Wednesday - it's a wonderful quilting supplies shop.  I even managed to have a coffee with Rachel so it was a lovely crafty day.  Oh and my purchases mean I've got enough stamps on my card for a 'free' metre of fabric on my next visit - P and I apparently have a different understanding of what 'free' means!

They were so helpful in the shop -
none of the fabrics were in the jelly roll but they are from the same range
so work beautifully together


I've managed to cut and attach all the setting & corner triangles -these are the first 4 rows sewn together, only another 7 to go to finish the centre of the quilt.

I also signed up for this Craftsy course this week -
I think I'm going to need to some figuring out how to quilt a king-sized
project on my machine!


2014 Block of the Month: Craftsy Color Theory
And whilst I was about it I signed up for this free mini-course too -
I like to have a better understanding of using colour
in a quilt

So that's it - I apparently fit crafty moments into my week and even I don't notice.


  1. Love the fabric you got for cushions for your lounge, it will coordinate well with the wallpaper. That crochet shawl looks beautiful.

    1. Thanks Sam, I'm really pleased with that cushion fabric, especially as it's usually £24 a metre! Just deciding whether to have piping or not. The shawl is gorgeous - I think it might take a while, 300+ chain and a 2.5mm hook :)

  2. your cushion fabric is so pretty.. and the wall paper too.
    Love all your crafting /quilting projects.
    I had to laugh at your silver costume projects.. [wonder will we see photos of you girls in them??/ posted on your blog.hahahaha]

    1. I don't think you'd want to see us in the costumes! We're really going for it- hairbrushes for microphones and everything. We're hoping this will really cheer everyone up :)

  3. my new years resolution was to make a quilt this year. your post is very inspiring for it :-)


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