Tuesday 13 May 2014

10 Random Facts

Hello there!  I thought I'd join in the 10 Random Facts I've seen in my blog reader today ...

1.  Today is my daughter's birthday, this beautiful photo is her 25 years ago.  She is still, and always, my Baby
2.  I don't understand metal teapots, they make the tea taste funny, why do they exist?
3.  If something is available in a polka dot version I will always choose that one
4.  If something is available in Orange I will choose that one too
5.  If the polka dot version was turquoise and the orange one was plain I'd probably get both!
6.  I love chocolate but not chocolate dessert or cake - pointless, just give me the real stuff
7.  Sorting out my craft room makes me so happy I sing to myself - very badly
8.  I am rubbish at growing house plants but have finally got the knack of orchids thanks to my brother
9.  I would like to be someone who prepares well in advance but I actually produce my best stuff under pressure - at work and creatively. It seems to focus my mind
10.  When I'm stressed I create simple things - I am currently knee deep in cushions and 
lavender bags!


Sunday 6 April 2014

Crafty Happenings - Weeks 11 to 14!

Hello there

Let's just accept it, I can't manage a weekly post ... moving on ...

This is a long, catch-up post - you might be bored witless, don't say I didn't warn you :)

Sewing Group

Had a great time with the group in March, the venue we're using in Rochester is working out really well, it was a lovely sunny day, 3 new members came along - what's not to like?

Of course, I failed again to take any photos - there's a theme or rubbishness going on around here isn't there?

I didn't get much made as I was helping My Girlie's friend A learn to use her machine so we made a tote bag together - and she has her first finished project which she is really pleased with - that's such a great feeling when you start learning new skills.

Oh and I found a home for this little project:

He's now winging his way to Rachel's new nephew, glad it's going to a sweet newborn baby boy :)

Fabric Shopping:

Went looking for yellow and white fabric to finish the Telephone Table project



No, none of it is yellow and white but it would have been a waste of a trip if I'd come away empty handed.
The grey bundle was £5 - cushions I think.  No idea about a use for the girlie print, 2 metres for £10 if I remember correctly.


 My little niece C has just started ballet classes - this is going to be a dress for her (using the Lisette pattern below as a starting point)

Absolute bargain, 2.5 metres found in a charity shop, I plan for this to be a summer dress for me

All half price in the Jaycotts sale (which finishes on the 12th of April I believe)
I have plans and fabrics for all of them

60p in a charity shop - going to use it as a slip pattern

Finished Object:


An Itty Bitty Baby dress for My Girlie's friend's little girl (goodness, try saying that fast) - I've never used the free Made by Rae pattern before, it's great, I already have 2 more cut out.

Do you remember the special maternity dress?  Well, this was made with the remnants.  If I take S's maternity dress in now the twins are born, she and Baby I can be matchy/matchy :)

Then I had a birthday - 24 again!:

Beautiful cake made for me by My Girlie :)

These are just a selection of my gifts, the crafty themed ones:

Table top with adjustable legs - so I can finally cut out and work standing up. 
I have real issues with my back, it's been playing up over the last month or so and I've struggled to sew anything.
 This is going to help so much.

 Sewing books from the lovely bunch at Sewing Group

Gorgeous nesting bags from Sam - what a wonderful surprise

 And then yesterday I went on a trip to London with Sewing Club - but I think I'll do a separate post for that one - breathe a huge sigh of relief!
If you're still here at this point I'm impressed with your stamina :)





Saturday 22 March 2014

By Hand London - Kickstarter


Have you seen that the ladies at By Hand London have an exciting new plan:

This is such a brilliant idea - they're using Kickstarter to try to raise the funds, you can find out more about it over here
My OH has supported some Kickstarter ideas in the past - such a great way to get involved with a good idea.
My pledge is in, I wish them every success, fingers crossed they'll meet their target of £35000 for the equipment and software they need.
I keep thinking of  more and more ideas I'd love to have on my own fabric